Mugen Saves the Day: How a 3600mAh battery helps at a Nokia launch event

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This post was meant to go out the week following the May 9th event in Delhi, but for some reason it was stuck in drafts (yes, a long time – and seems it wasn’t the only one either!)

Last week, we attending the Nokia event in New Delhi, India, where the Asha 501 was announced. I knew I would be tweeting and comparing certain things, and really putting the Lumia 820 to the test! Although I had my N9 (and BB Dev Alpha) on me, I was using the 820 for the most part.

Typically, the 820 only lasts a day with moderate usage, and my heavier usage sees it taking a nap after 6 hours (more 3G than WiFi connection). My day started at 10am, waking up late for the event (it started at 11, but registration was from 10 – thankfully the event was in the hotel). I went straight downstairs to the conference room, and the Lumia 820 was instantly put through its paces.

My Lumia 820 was being used to co-ordinate with Jay and Ali from the ground, as well as tweet from my account. (Used my mac for MNB posts and twitter). By the time the main event was over, I was down to about 80%, which normally, it would have been 60%. Then came all the hands-ons and many of you readers tweeting me/emailing me queries, as well as me tweeting Nokians to arrange meetings and hands-on time with the Asha.

Evening came, and it was time to go to the “after party” – Nokia had an intimate little bar gathering with employees and media. I had gone to charge my 820 and use my Dev Alpha, but noticed the 820 was sitting on 40%. This was astounding! Never before had I used my 820 so much and still had that much battery. (Every week I work a 13hour shift – switching between 3G, WiFi and no-connection and I am lucky to get 10hours).

After taking pictures on my Lumia, more tweeting, exchanging details with a few folk,I returned to my room (around 2am) and the 820 was yet to give me the “battery low” notification. I had to leave the hotel in 4 hours for my flight, so I just put the phone on charge. I never actually knew how much longer it would last.


Mugen’s 3600mAh battery pack for the Lumia 820 is a life saver! Although it adds a fair bit of bulk to your phone, when you get this much juice from it, it is a fair trade. The case could be a better shape, but seeing as it needs to accommodate NFC, and the camera, alongside the huge battery, it does pretty well I think.

Would I recommend it?:
Definitely! Often, I carry my Lumia 820 as well as the Mugen battery, in case the time comes where I find myself stuck for power. If you can compromise like me and see that the power you get outweighs the bulk and look of the case, you’ll be happy with the purchase.


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