Nokia Glam Me gets a hefty update, gains Lumia 52x support

| July 31, 2013 | 11 Replies

Nokia Glam Me is a great app with  lens support for taking selfies, held back if only by the resulting image quality, the app provides lots of amazing adjustments exclusively for Nokia Lumia.

Today Nokia just released a huge update for it with a full change log to go with it.

glammeupdate  adustmentsglamme  teethwhitening


Perhaps the most stand out feature in the new update is the ability to use the back camera as well as the front.

This means that Nokia Glam Me works with the Lumia 52x

It’ll also make for better end resulting photos as the back camera has focus and higher pixels count working for it


the rest of the features include

  • Smart Light; in which the screen flashes white while capturing the picture giving the end picture a little bit more light (I think this helps at night selfies)
  • New adjustments like slim face and smile with improvements on the old great adjustments like teeth, smoothness and toning.
  • higher res filters for better end images.
  • Higher photo res up to 1080p ! GDR3 should see this as a welcomed change I suppose.
  • 51 lang support
  • Impressive performance, even with faces slightly turned the algorithms will still work.


for those who don’t know the app or want to force update here’s a link


If you happen to own a Lumia 520, please confirm if this new update works with your phone or not.

edit: as Jamx confirmed in the comments, its now available for lumia52x

Note: the guy portrayed in the samples above is a paid actor, he’s certainly not me just waking up a half an hour ago.


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