Nokia Lumia 1020 Informational Video and a few personal observations.

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Dear MNB Readers,

As some of you may know, I received my very own 1020 last week (pictured above) and since then, I have been capturing photos and videos whenever I get a chance. The Lumia 1020 is very flexible as a camera and there are a lot possibilities and situations that you can capture with the 1020 that you may have never thought about capturing or may have not been able to capture before with your previous smartphone (808 included).

With that in mind, I would like to share a well put together video from AT&T that shows some of the exciting photography centric capabilities of the Nokia Lumia 1020.

YouTube Link:–K2ap8s

The Lumia 1020 will change the way you view mobile photography forever.

I would also like to share a few videos and photos that I took with the 1020 on my SECOND day with the device. Please view the videos in 720p if possible.

YouTube Link:


YouTube Link:


YouTube Link:




The reason for the emphasis above on the word second is to show that in only 2 days with the 1020, without much effort, without mastering Pro Cam, I was able to capture stunning videos and photos. In my opinion, these 3 videos are well above what I have been able to capture with my 808 during it’s half a year in my hands.


What is special about the photo above? Well, the special thing is something that you cannot see….I was WALKING when I took this photo!!! Walking…did not stop….the camera was shaking, I didn’t frame the shot, walking…did I mention I was walking? I wasn’t walking TOWARD the lettering but rather to going to the left. I was simply passing by yet the letters on the wall are in focus and crisp. The second generation OIS in the 1020 delivers most of the time and can be REALLY impressive.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 really enables great photography and videography for anyone that can see past the price and any OS biases. The end result of having an open mind concerning the Nokia Lumia 1020 are many moments filled with visual treats. More to come as the days and weeks go by but for now you can find more pictures and videos on my Flickr and YouTube pages.

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