Nokia Lumia 1020 gets drop tested by accident!

| August 11, 2013 | 34 Replies

So there’s this cute nurse named Sheila E, who was unboxing  the Nokia Lumia 1020 while standing up outdoors.
The girl stood there wearing blue scrubs and going through the motions of unboxing a flagship device, having just showed off the lanyard, the Lumia 1020 slipped from her hands making a sound only a brick would make.


Sheila picked the phone up while trying to calm the nerves of Mark the camera man (&her husband) which we don’t see, “are you OK Mark?” she said while checking the Lumia 1020 for damage.


I went through the comments and Sheila answered the question if the Lumia 1020 turned out OK which it did while taking a little chip on the corner (As its Poly-carbonate inherently painted, it wouldn’t be noticed easily.)

Whats funny is all the Youtube comments on that video which really goes to show that people’s trust in Nokia’s build quality is not diminishing.



I also liked how she hold the phone close to her heart as she picks it up 🙂



enjoy the video and have a lovely weekend 🙂


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