Leakyleak: Red Windows RT Tablet Appears, Destined for Verizon

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We see above the first image of Nokia’s upcoming tablet, if the source is to be trusted. The device is destined for launch on September 26th at a NewYork event with variants heading to both At&t and Verizon. The reported specs are:

  • 10.1″ 1080p screen
  • 2.15 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor
  • 32 Gb storage
  • Wide viewing angles
  • detachable keyboard cover/case (like the surface)

I’ve said this before, I don’t really need much from a tablet, short of using reddit in my bed; but I’d jump all over a Nokia tablet, and I officially want this!



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  • Jormmmsils

    Switch from iPad to Lumia ali?

    • Wouldn’t mind much, I only use my iPad for FB, Reddit and the occasional game (candy crush at the moment- I know I’m a horrible person).

      • lol Ali I only jave the htc one S for play Candy Crush too! XD

      • Rio0045

        Whether it is getting a stylus ala Note 510? I am getting one Note this October. But if Nokia…..

  • Pawlee

    Never been too bothered about tablets, but I am getting to a point where I can see their use and wouldn’t mind one… if this is quite competetively priced then it’s definitely a possible purchase, although to be fair I would prefer if it was a little smaller.

    If anyone is going to make me take the plunge in buying a tablet it is most likely going to be Nokia.

  • MNhut

    I hope Nokia is going to price it correctly because this tablet is going to have a lot of flaws : Windows RT, no rear camera according to this leak & no SD.

    • Viipottaja

      How do you know it has no SD?

      • MNhut

        I’m not sure but according to the leak, there is none :/

      • MNhut

        + it’s unlikely that leakers do not “brag” about it.

        • Viipottaja

          MicroSD is a pretty standard feature in win tablets so not mentioning it imho in no way proves there won’t be one.

          • MNhut

            I hope so !

    • The lack of a rear camera is a service from Nokia to mankind. No sane human should take pictures with a camera on a tablet. Just slap on a good front facing one for those Skype sessions and call it a day.

      No SD seems unlikely, with just 32GB the lack of an SD slot would instantly kill the potential this tablet would have.

      • zlutor

        “No SD seems unlikely, with just 32GB the lack of an SD slot would instantly kill the potential this tablet would have.”

        Exactly – Win RT eats up majority of 32 GB… πŸ™

        • Well, there is the ability to offload the recovery partition which frees up quite a bit of space. Just stick in a USB drive and it created it for you just like that, just don’t lose the USB drive.

          Thinking about USB, the lack of a full size USB port would be even worse. Seriously love having that on my Surface. Having to use cables would suck. Which makes me wonder, where are the Micro USB sized drives?

          • Fz

            Source mentions USB 3.0 port and micro HDMI.

            I hope there will be a SD card slot, but wouldn’t be too surprised even if there weren’t be one. I find Nokia’s strategy to put them in lower end phones, but not to the high end ones a bit strange.

  • Viipottaja

    Interestingly at least this variant does not seem to have a back camera. Hopefully fairly low price then. Otherwise looks nice!

  • yoyo

    I hope they give it a different brand name than Lumia. Just to make sure that the consumers do not get confused.

  • stylinred

    destined for failure

    would be a tragic move for Nokia unless Microsoft is footing the bill for this

    Microsoft just dumped a billion dollars worth of RT tablet inventory why would Nokia think they could fair better?

    I better sell my Nokia shares now

    • Janne

      Because the original Surface was a lackluster product and Microsoft made too many of them?

      Maybe Nokia can work something out with a Lumia tablet, even a niche if they don’t make too many of them.

      It could be that Nokia is pursuing first only a niche on tablets. Who knows are they going big or small on this.

      • stylinred

        Because all tablets except for 2 are actually selling and because no other major manufacturer has had success with a Windows RT tablet not even Microsoft even the windows PRO tabs aren’t doing amazingly.
        Microsoft is just the most glaring failure with windows rt tablets.

        no one likes RT it already had a bad rap before any products were released its just a complete mess to even attempt an RT tablet and for Nokia to try it is just insane given their circumstances if they go at it small then it will simply disappear with the rest of failed RT tablets (where manufacturers took the slow n steady approach)
        if they go at it big they’ll likely be Surface RT #2

        • Janne

          Same could be said of WP – and has been said of WP.

          Yet Nokia is now succeeding (mediocrely but still) where others failed spectacularly.

          • Janne

            By the way, I’m not saying Nokia will succeed with RT.

            I’m just saying past performance isn’t necessarily indicative of future performance under different circumstances.

          • ms.nokia

            so true, just because MS failed does not mean that Nokia will fail.

            • stylinred

              not only microsoft has failed all manufacturers with a history of PC success have failed

          • stylinred

            no manufacturer had really attempted WP devices some tried and they approached timidly
            nokia went strong and had msft $$$ and they’re barely treading water after how many years?
            not so with windows RT tablets all manufacturers came out with multiple products and they came out strong and many of them died on arrival and the others had their releases cancelled

            we can say “i believe in you nokia good luck” but from a shareholders pov? hell no

            • Bloob

              TBH, not even one manufacturer tried to bring a cheap alternative; I haven’t seen one below 399€, while 10 inch Android tabs can be found for 250€. Everyone went for those huge margins from the get-go with an OS with “no” apps, and wondered why customers did not follow.

              I also haven’t seen any marketing for RT (or Win 8) devices, except for one or two MS Win8 general commercials.

              • stylinred

                Perhaps not in Europe but NA and Asia there definitely were ads as for the price points I agree they were all too high

            • Janne


              I disagree on RT launch seriousness, I think the efforts from manufacturers were doubtful and limited. Not unlike their efforts on WP. Many PC manufacturers just focused on W8 (or WP manufacturers on Android smartphones) and left RT to suffer its fate without any push.

              • Janne

                By the way, the first-Gen Android tablets were considered widely dead too. Yet it went on to dominate eventually.

                • Janne

                  Not saying RT will work out or dominate anything, just saying it is too soon to call.

                • stylinred

                  Android tabs are dead there is really only one dominant tablet in android, arguably two the galaxy and the nexus then there are the budget tabs that came out last year that are doing okay
                  but from the get go even though people speculated that it would fail there were still frontrunners and they sold well (galaxy)
                  unlike with the RT tablets where all have failed miserably
                  Win8 Tabs can succeed but RT? hell no

                  • Bloob

                    If they can bring Lumia 520 -like experience and price point to tablets, then I see a very good chance still for RT. Not sure if that is possible.

                  • Viipottaja

                    So is your assumption that for a Win tablet to be successful it must be able to run all desktop Windows apps?

                    • Noki

                      problem was that wen microsoft that POC it made it look exactly like windows8 this creates a level of expectation on users, combine that with the lack of apps and its an incredibly frustrating experience that joe user can possibly understand.

                      AKA “how came cant i download this app and run it like in the other windows I have ??? whta a POC”

                    • Viipottaja

                      What is POC?

                    • stylinred

                      it’s not exactly an assumption its already a proven fact that the only somewhat successful windows tablets are the windows pro tablets
                      the consumer base has shown it has no interest in RT and only in PRO

                      And PRO tablets cost 2-3X more than RT tablets!

  • DeepNara

    May b its a prototype so the lack of camera and SD card are understood.
    But don’t release with RT. atleast 8.1 blue should be onboard even if it delays the tablet to Feb 2014.

    • October 18th is W8.1 day so I presume Nokia announces late September and have it in store in October.

      • Janne

        Obviously. But could be RT or could be Windows 8.

    • chainsmoker

      The rear Camera for a 10″ tablet makes sense as much as one behind a 50″ table TV.

      Taking Photos with it would be absolutely hilarious activity.

      As Nokia most probably tries to find an attractive (low) price point for this device, droppimg of the rear camera is reasonable.

  • v.s.i

    By the looks of it, they should compete with Nexus 7 (32GB) on price. This way it’d have the potential to sell at least in mediocre numbers.

    • Janne

      Sounds good to me.

  • Janne

    I’ll probably skip Nokia’s tablet, I went for a Windows 8 hybrid instead some time ago. I think that hybrid concept, to me, is currently the best manifestation of best of both worlds. I once had an iPad 2 and a Galaxy Tab and they bored the heck out of me, a mere consuming tablet is clearly not my cup of tea.

    But I’m watching Nokia’s efforts there with interest of course, it will be interesting to see what kinds of Lumia experiences they might build around tablets – Nokia’s investments in accessories, services and software have been interesting on the Lumia. If they can successfully expand that to tablets, they might create something quite unique.

    I’m also wondering whether or not to get Lumia 1020. It will probably come to Finland’s Nokia flagship store sometime next summer… when the next generation is already knocking the door somewhere else. Maybe my Lumia 920 will get Amber by next summer as well. Nokia’s releases have been great this year, but their ramp-up times and market priorities remain as abysmal as they were last year. Sad.

    • yoyo

      Just out of curiosity: Which hybrid did you choose?

      • Janne

        ThinkPad Helix.

        • yoyo

          Great minds think a like. I was planning on going for the Helix but deflected when I saw the results of Haswell processors. Now I am waiting for the Haswell edition of the Helix before jumping in.

          • Janne

            Yep, Haswell is an interesting progression. It will surely make the Windows 8 hybrid scene even more interesting. I doubt you can go wrong with a Haswell Helix!

            I already skipped the first hybrid generation waiting on something with Helix-caliber specs, so I decided to pull the trigger in May. My laptop has been languishing the whole summer while I’m enjoying the Helix. πŸ™‚

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  • tony

    What about lytro capabilities????? Did it not aspire to be fashioned on a tablet???

  • martyn

    im sure ths nokia tablet…wil mke a huge impact..

  • Team red all the way

  • Ushoda

    It looks razor sharp at the edges O:

  • ms.nokia

    i’m hoping for low/medium/high range of RT tablets from Nokia.

    need some PV magic in the high end tablets.

    • Random Random


      A nice gigantic hump would really spice up a tablet and make it so much more comfortable when you hold it on a table.

      And let’s not forget how easy it would be to carry around a tripod with that tablet.

      • JGrove303

        If it’s laying on a table, you’re not holding it, ass. If it did have a top rear protrusion can very cleanly be made into a more ergonomic design, like the Sony Vaio S and Xperia S tablets.
        PureView doesn’t mean humps. IT means imaging prowess. A low f-stop on a tablet camera would work excellent.

        • Random Random

          Please watch your language.

          Didn’t you know it’s possible to use a device when you hold it on your hand or on the table?

          The Nokia way is to design devices with massive humps.

          • JGrove303

            Oh, like the massive hump on every Lumia EXCEPT the 1020? Wait….right, those don’t have humps!

            Maybe Nokia should start making devices like the iPhone5. You know, a cheap aluminum ashtray with a glass lid.

            Watch my language. Sorry, did I offend the great self loathing Finnish Troll that smears feces all over Nokia’s name? The one that pollutes this blog with it’s dull arguments against every thing anyone says positive about Nokia, Lumia, WP8 or Microsoft?

            Random Random, you suffer from cranial-rectal inversion. Get bent, get a life, get a clue and pretty pretty please with sugar on top, GTFO!!!!

            • Tom

              “a cheap aluminum ashtray with a glass lid.”

              Yes, exactly.One which people buy like crazy. Not your coloured plastic.

    • yoyo


      Same range as the Lumia range, price wise as well.

      Nokia tablet 520 – $100 7 inch 800×480 screen without cellular chip
      Nokia tablet 620 – $160 8 inch 800×480 screen without cellular chip
      Nokia tablet 720 – $240 8 inch 1200×720 screen with 4g cellular chip
      Nokia tablet 820 – $320 9 inch 1200×720 screen without cellular
      Nokia tablet 825 – $370 9 inch 1200×720 screen with 4g cellular
      Nokia tablet 920 – $450 10,6 inch 1200×720 screen with 4g cellular
      Nokia tablet 1020 – $700 11,6 Ultimate media tablet

      As with the Lumia range, the succes will probably come from the lowest range $100 tablet. But the highest range tablet will have a halo effect.

      • ms.nokia

        i’d get the Nokia tablet 820 πŸ™‚

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  • Sandberg

    Stylinred: I’ll buy them Nokia shares from you! What’s your price? πŸ˜€

  • SmoledMan

    Nokia Lumia RT for Windows RT for Tablets.

  • dss

    Let’s see how much MS can milk Nokia … if they can save RT by using Nokia they deserve a gold star.

    Asus and Samsung ditched RT for a reason πŸ™‚

    • Noki

      every one ditched RT, time to go and get nokia “puppet” coof coof partner to save it

      • Random Random

        The problem is that Nokia has been designing a tablet since 90’s and they just can’t accept defeat.


        I happen to know they started to design one in the 90’s.

        • Noki

          OO yeah I know, I saw a few of those, some even made much more sense than the carp they are pushing this days, NOKIA JUST DON’T DO IT.
          its an amazingly competitive low margin market for any one else but apple…
          The non ipad tablets selling are the nexus’s that are only had selling points as far as Google is concerned and the Kindles that are nothing more than androids that sell amazon stuff at a loss.

          Nokia is not vertical enough to make any sort of profit in this segment.
          Specially with the pathetic turd win RT is

          • Viipottaja

            Why exactly is RT a pathetic turd?

            • Noki

              becouse its just a crippled down version of windows 8. and windows 8 is not great by any means. So you take something people dont like to much, and make a copy of it that cant do alf of it and you have a pathetic turd.

              Ok there must be a reason for the pathetic sales on ALL OEM’s, no?

              • Viipottaja

                Wow, you are still awake? You must be really drunk by now!

                it always amazes when you guys are posting here in the middle of the night.

                • Random Random


                  Of course no one can be awake at this hour if that person is not drunk. After all, it’s 01:00 in Finland.

                  At lest not someone who doesn’t like Win RT.

                  • Viipottaja

                    Drunk or not, don’t you all have better,things to do at 1am on a Friday,night?

  • prashant

    The next nokia tablet device will be called Nokia lumia booklet 4g,
    while this is just a proto device and it will have a rear cam too.

    • Viipottaja

      You keep making these definitive sounding statements as if you knew. Do you? If not, you should adjust your language?

  • manubharath

    If it’s running windows RT, Nokia will remain mediocre forever in this space..
    Hope Nokia makes a Surface Pro like device running windows 8 with FHD display.. and I believe it eliminates the need to carry 2 devices, a tablet and a laptop..

  • Pathetic

    what are you doing nokia? windows RDead = Nokia Dead (more dead i mean)
    Does your not satisfied with the losses that lets windows phone?
    do you want more?

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