The Nokia N8 – Nokia did soo much with it but who really knew?

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I was just reading the post which Ali (Aliqudsi) just wrote about the “World Premiere” Event in moscow, and it got me thinking…

Although most people are thinking new devices, and they are probably right, when I heard “world premier”, all that came to mind is movies, and when I think Nokia and movies, I think of the things which my old phone, the Nokia N8 had done, maybe not my phone personally but the phone in general. I miss my N8, it was stolen on a night out just before the 808 Pureview came out!

Anyway, not soo long ago, Nokia really made a push with this 12MP shooter, a phone which supported HD (720p) video recording, and although it wasn’t the first phone to do so, in true Nokia style, they only released a 720p video capability on a phone when they knew it was done right, unlike other manufacturers!

The Nokia N8 was showed off by Nokia many times after it launched back in 2010, and some of my favourites are below (no particular order):

1) The world’s smallest stop motion animation – Dot (shot on a Nokia N8)
2) The World’s biggest cinema screen powered by a Nokia N8 through it’s HDMI port in stunning high-definition
3) The world’s biggest stop-frame animation (Shot on a Nokia N8)
4) “The Commuter” short film (Shot entirely on a Nokia N8) – staring Dev Patel, Pamela Anderson, Charles Dance, Ed Westwick, Tom So, and more

This one was not done by Nokia but by an independent production company which chose to make the movie using a Nokia N8. What make this even more interesting is that, as far as I am aware, this was all funded by private investors, and Nokia didn’t do a thing (except for give it a bit of publicity after the fact!)

5) “Olive” feature film (Shot entirely on a Nokia N8)

If you didn’t know, Olive was even shown in cinemas!!

So maybe, just maybe they have made another movie recorded just on the Lumia 1020, and this is what the world premier is, or go with everyone else’s theory of it being a new device which I suppose would be better.

Either way, I hope now that the Lumia range is getting noticed, Nokia do some things like they did with the N8, to really show off the Lumia 1020, and to just show off what Nokia can do!

p.s. comment below if you like this random post and I’ll try get back into it and do some more!


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