Nokia 106 and 107 Announced, With Massive Music Playback Times and Ultra Low Prices

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The Nokia 107 is a dual sim variant with a micro SD card slot (up to 16 gb) to help listen to more music, which brings us to the music playback times; which clocks in at 34.8 hours! That’s almost a day and a half!

Nokia 107 has a MP3 player, Micro SD card memory can be extended up to 16G, storing 3000 songs to mention, music playback time is up to 34.8 hours, than the average MP3 is also durable, so you can enjoy a private trip music stations.

The standby times are also impressive, as is standard for Nokia’s feature phone set:

Nokia 106 standby time of up to 35 days, the Nokia 107 up to 24 days.

The phones have a suggested retail price of $23 and $25 respectively (the 105 had a suggested retail price of $20), with expected arrival in Q3 2013 to China (with no details on worldwide availability yet).

Nokia 106 suggested retail price of $ 23, the Nokia 107 is $ 25 (excluding taxes and subsidies). Both phones are expected in the third quarter.




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