Accessories: Nokia Coloud Headphone Range (Boom, Knock & Pop)

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Nokia Music were awesome and sent us over their newest range of accessories: Boom, Knock & Pop by Coloud. This range of headphones are designed to be big in colour, but low in price. So, let’s check them out!

They all come in Yellow, Cyan and Red (more like a Coral really). The cord is flat, which supposedly is designed to reduce tangles, and so far, I’ve been tangle free! It has what Coloud/Nokia call “Zound Lasso” which is wear the headphone jack bends in on itself essentially and allows the cord to be “lassoed”. Pretty cool hey!


There is a microphone and audio controls attached to the cord on all three pairs, which are “compatible with devices…including Nokia Asha and Nokia Lumia, devices running Windows Phone or iOS”. Testing it out on an iPhone 4S, I confirm that the controls and mic work, as when I read this it sounded a bit ambiguous. I assume Asha will work too. (Windows Phone works too obviously).

Note: The Boom have the cord coming from one headphone cup, where as the Knock and Pop have two that join half way down.



These are over ear headphones, and are the larger of the two over ears. They’re adjustable, as you’d expect, and have a cushioning around the ears, to block out some noise and reduce painful pressure on your ears. What I like, is that the cable that connects to the cups are bent when retracted, and straighten up when extended. This means you don’t need to worry about the cable getting stuck, or breaking, when you adjust them. (In saying that, be diligent though).

The Boom’s are pretty comfy. Been using them this week around the house and to/from uni, instead of my Purity Pros. The sound quality is pretty decent and clear. Bass is heavy enough to please the majority of people, but not too much that it will annoy people who don’t like bass).


  • Sturdy
  • Impressive Bass
  • Adjustable
  • Single Cord (Doesn’t get in the way)


  • A tad heavy for some people
  • Band can make your head sore after a while



Knock are the smaller brother to the Boom. Again, being over ear headphones, they adjust, but unlike their brother, the cable is internal so that the band folds away into the cups. It looks pretty sleek if you ask me. The Knocks have a simple fabric cover over the earpiece, a bit like airplane headphones.  Unlike airplane headphones though, they sound good. The bass levels are lower than the Boom, but like I said above, people prefer that.

I gave these to my mum to use during the week, and she has been thoroughly impressed. Going as far to say that they’re better than the Beats that she has been using. She has begged me to her have them permanently! Kudos Nokia!


  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable
  • Solid Volume & Bass


  • Feel like airplane headphones
  • Ears can get a bit sore after excessive use (I’m talking hours here)



Don’t let these small in-ear headphones fool you, they pack quite a bit of punch when it comes to audio quality. (Personally, I place them between the Knock and Boom. Out of the box, you get various sized silicon ear things (yes, I’ve got no idea what you call them) that are used to adjust to the size of your ears. I always have trouble with in-ear headphones as they never fit properly. Pleasantly though, these fit!

Bass is there when it needs to be, and volumes can get loud enough without distorting. They don’t really block out outside noise (unless you have music dangerously high). I’ve begun using these as my running headphones as they are comfortable and allow me to hear what’s going on around me.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Robust


  • Can hear outside noise
  • Average bass levels
  • Pre-defined sizing may not suit everyone

The Boom, Knock and Pop are available for €27, €22, and €18 respectively.


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