Marko Ahtisaari (@moia) plans to step down from Nokia effective November 30th?

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Marko Ahtisaari, the EVP of Design at Nokia will be stepping down following today’s announcement, according to Engadget. Marko will be moving on to entrepreneurial efforts.

He was my favourite Nokian. The presentations he gave were so unique. He had a deep love for the products, more than he was required to by job description.

Myself, the team at MNB, and our readers wish you the best in your future endeavors Marko. All the best!

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  • maratt

    all this is sounding so sad :'(

    i have to get the 1020 now, the last true Nokia Finnish masterpiece…

    • pathetic

      the last true nokias were N9, 808

      • allawi

        You right. Thanks God I still have Nokia N9. I wish to get 808 pureview.

        • stylinred

          Id say the last true Nokias were the N9 and N8 since they were available Made in Finland
          The 808 was certainly the last but by then the Finnish plant had already closed :/

          • maratt

            my N8 was made in china

      • Tomi

        So true. By for now My MS Blog…

      • Jirkaone

        That’s your problem that since you hate MS your phone is obsolete like your thinking.

      • yes…

        • cloud

          yes and god damn this elop and his windowsphone they finally destroyed nokia……nokia was the only lovely company in smartphones and now its gone….i really complain from Ali and other MNB managers for they never tried to stop nokia from making big mistakes….the last phones were truly 808 and n9….damn elop!

    • akash

      Elop did stupidity in 2011 to choosing WP, NOT ANDROID. what a shrink decision by elop for nokia to shrink in MS ocean.

    • maratt

      by the way i’m still using my beautiful blue aluminium camera champion, the N8 😀

  • SadNokiaFan

    He was my favorite also how could Microsoft be so silly to lose him. 🙁

    • Janne

      These kinds of transactions usually see immediate departures of a few executives who disagreed with it or don’t have a place in the new organization. Remember a similar high-end departure for MeeGo after the February 11th announcement.

      On the lower rungs of the organization the departures and settling of the organizations will take much longer. Unfortunately I don’t think the possible Marko Ahtisaari departure will be the last one.

      • twig

        Key to management and even all board members is that profits do matter. The pressure is on the Here division to get those contracts not just come up with nice maps Microsoft could steal in 4 years. Profits and results.

  • Hary

    Frankly speaking, we haven’t heard from Marko much since last several months.
    I personally remember the last thing I heard about him in any article/news was when he said he was working on tablet design.

    But otherwise haven’t heard much about him. It also seems that he isn’t the main brain behind Nokia designs.
    The main brains are others who are not praised in public as much as Marko.

    • n8thebest

      Yes exactly. He is not the main brains behind design, he is mostly a public speaker, like Dinning was a “public figure” to explain imaging things. Dinning also was not the brains behind imaging either.

      So this is not a big loss, as Stefan Pannenbecker has been the real leader of design for a while now.

      • Dave

        Dinning wasn’t the brains behind imaging? Coincidence that the device under his control (the 808) had a better camera that its “successor” (the 1020)?

        • n8thebest

          No he wasn’t. You’re fooled by the marketing and public speaking of Dinning.

          Look up who the REAL BRAINS behind the 808 were. Hint: it’s not Dinning. It’s talented Nokia employees at the imaging team in Finland.

          • Jose

            That’s true, as much as I liked Damian, it’s the guys like Juha Alakarhu who had the insight and brains to develop the 41MP sensor.

  • chris wayne

    …And this gets worse :/

  • N9

    Is he might to join Jolla? 😉

    • I was thinking about the same…

      • joyride

        I don’t think jolla is big enough at this point, but these ex-executives like Marko are older. They’ll probably become cushy consultants.

  • SmoledMan

    People go on about him like he’s the equivalent of Johnny Ive, but he isn’t. In fact I think the MS Surface industrial designers have better taste and refinement.

    • Exactly my thoughts. Marko was/is a great public speaker, but from what he said I didn’t gather that he was a great visionaor or something. Not to say that Ive is though.

  • Damien Tonkin

    Oh no! Marko was the best!


    He should join Jolla

    • nammaa

      what if not 😀

      • xxx

        I remember his presentation of the N9. It was one of the best presentaion I ever seen. The amazing device and amazing team.

  • Janne

    Well, at least Random Random will be happy now. 🙂

    Yes, this is a sad day indeed.

    • tom

      We know you will be cheer leading for MS in few months.. don’t be so sad.

  • Doug

    Marko should move to Samsung and put the Swipe/MeeGo skin on top of Android!

  • sina88

    I like to look back to his presentation of the N9. Man that was exciting! I couldn’t wait to ditch my iPhone and get that N9. Despite the Trojan horses “Burning Platform” memo I got that device and till today use it with pride. It’s 2 years old and with some tweaks still ahead of iPhones and especially Windows Phone (software wise, not hardware wise…).

    Marko Ahtisaari had the same excitement in his interviews when he talked about the N9 and since then I haven’t seen him like that anymore. Windows Phone goes against many principles Marko Ahtisaari believed in (modernity, user-friendly, innovation, etc…) and probably it wasn’t easy forhim to keep doing a job happily under the Elop “regime”.

    I wish Marko Ahtisaari all the best – a great, sympathic guy which could have brought Nokia far!

    Maybe someday you can bring your ideas to Jolla… the new Nokia 🙂

    • krishna6233



    so sad 🙁

    it feels wrong.

    • swain

      Your Elop won. You must be the happiest person now.

      • rwtertwret


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  • Anna

    well its official nokia is no longer nokia, time to jump ship. I’m moving to sony xperia

    • twig

      Hear that Here division? Are Here maps on Sony? The new iPhones? All car makes? All watches? Where’s the contracts? I like the ring of Nokia Oil and Gas company buying small Oil and Gas companies in the U.S. getting ready for LNG exports,myself. Take a look at SD. Stay away from devices, let the new direction drive the profits on its own. Finland deserves a profit desiring Nokia by now, party is over. Many thanks to Nokia Solutions division, their leadership and drive for excellence and profits.

  • stylinred

    Seems like Nokia has lost a lot of their great talents…those who made Nokia… Great and now Nokia isn’t even Nokia anymore with MSFTs ownership and most of the talent gone

  • Erick

    Coming to think about it: Didn’t Nokia kill itself??

  • Oswald

    Nokia should buy Jolla

  • Nathan


  • Nathan

    Woops wrong email addy, sub.