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I didn’t realise it was that time of the year again. 6 years ago today, began as an outlet to pool together my random Nokia ramblings that were overloading the forums.

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you again for being a part of the blog. It has been quite a journey, one that I’ve been grateful to have experienced with you peeps in our own little Nokia fan community. This blog is still here to this day, thanks to YOU; our readers, commenters, tippers, those who share our stories, contributing writers (be they the direct team or those who share MNB:RG stories) and everyone else who has been supporting us (Nokia, Nokia Connects, other folk who helped to get us things to review).  Thanks to Nokia, we’ve garnered a large community of fans who appreciate the things Nokia does and can continue to do. It’s great being able to share our interests with like-minded folk. As a blogger, getting that interaction with other Nokia fans is one of the main reasons that has been keeping this hobby so interesting over the years.

Most recently, the feedback we received from Nokia fans regarding this post was so very uplifting

Thank you all again for the kind words and inspiring words about Nokia and the blog.

As we said before, time permitting, we’ll keep going here at the blog to write about all things related to Nokia. The passion for Nokia will always be there.  As they say, a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. Nokia phones are more than just the brand and the name on the device. It’s what they represent to fans. The people of Nokia, the ethos of Nokia, the daringness to push boundaries, the commitment to produce products that enhance people’s lives. As long as that side of these products persist, we’ll still have affection for those products, Nokia name or not

Our journey isn’t headed where we wanted it to go but there’s still a lot of great things to look forward to if you look up. Nokia fans are used to being hopeful and looking for the brightside. We could wallow in sadness or celebrate the good times we’ve had and the many more that can still come. It’ll be different, yes, but it can still be a lot of fun.

The spirit of Nokia lives on inside everyone of us, and together as a community of Nokia fans, we will always have something Nokia related to keep nattering on about.

Thank you 🙂



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