Damian Dinning on the Lumia 1020

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Over at the PureView Club, they’ve had a very special guest post, from none other than Damian Dinning. Many of you know Damian as Nokia’s Imaging guru, and rightly so. In his article, he discusses everything from their initial ambitions for the device, to how they went about finally coming to market with a fantastic product.

I really enjoyed the way Damian wrote his piece. You can tell he is really passionate about what he is saying. I won’t do Damian (or Marc) an injustice by copying over what he says, and I suggest you take a few minutes and head on over to give it a read.

I will just include these two paragraphs

Personally, when looking at my images captured with both, I was in most cases drawn more to the images from the 1020 as opposed to those captured with the 808, even though I know they may not be exactly as the original scene or subject appeared.


There are a couple of areas which warrant attention though. Without doubt, the first of these is focus during video, not being able to use touch focus during video shooting can be a significant restriction in what and how you can record the action. I can imagine Nokia are already aware of this and working to hopefully bring it in a future update. I also have to admit a little disappointment the 808’s slide zoom (with pre-framing) didn’t make it.

What I like is that Damian gives his own opinion on which is “better” but also critiques the Lumia 1020. It shows he doesn’t just say what he should say, but what he feels is correct in his opinion.


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