Yet another Symbian story.

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Symbian had an army of fans who knew how the OS operated on a kernel level, today if you spot one of them you’ll see him telling the story of the mighty Symbian failed because of Nokia’s bad management.

Or explaining how the kernel of Symbian was so good it has no almost no delay between hardware and software. “the famous Xenon example”

That extensive knowledge Symbian fans have about the OS stemmed from the open nature in which Nokia developed its products another suggested reason would be that Nokia shared this information to keep the buzz going about their announced product until launch date. “which sometimes took Years :D”


In truth I’m bored with this story as its been told to death but for those of you who’re new to this blog or Nokia,  it doesn’t hurt to read and learn.

I actually fell in love with this blog because it actually taught me how phones were made, it released me from the shackles of Hype that surround almost any other’s company product with almost 0% details on what actually goes on behind the scenes of said technologies.


This was posted on the Verge forums by a common leaker of Nokia insider stories “******”

 The Rise and fall of the Symbian empire.


Thanks for @FaisalBAhmed for the tip.


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