Lumia 625 and Lumia 1020 battery performances are here to impress.

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GSMARENA is one of the top European centric mobile phone websites out there, in fact Google any phone that is/was popular in Europe or India and you’ll see GSMARENA’s page tops the results every time.

GSMARENA have been hard at work coming up with different tools and ways for buyers to find their match, I specially like their camera comparison tools. (Make sure to press Ctrl + 0 before starting the comparison.


Recently GSMARENA have been doing battery tests on almost any flagship or mid range phone they get their hands on and their tests are simple and intuitive.

Basically their tests are divided into two stages:
First they test how long the phone can make calls before its batteries run out, how much web surfing it can handle and how much video playback it can accommodate.

Second they do another series of tests on the basis that If you use your phone for an hour of calling, an hour of surfing the web and an hour of video playback EVERY DAY how long will your phone survive? that and the standby time in between determines the end result that GSMARENA calls endurance rating.


Today GSMARENA released the battery test results for both the Lumia 625 and the Lumia 1020 making a champion of one of them and a huge contender from the other.


  • The Lumia 625 set a new calling record in GSMARENAs tests as the phone made it to 30 HOURS before the battery died out!!!
    It seems the new processor and the bigger screen didn’t make a dint in the battery performance at all. (which is the same battery unit found in the Lumia 720 btw)
    It also set bested the Lumia 92x series and the Lumia 1020 in web surfing time as it held its own for 7:07 minutes that’s almost two hours of browsing over the flagships.
    The video playback time was not bad either though not as eye catching as the Lumia 1020 which you’ll found about in a moment.
    It achieved a near flagship endurance rating of 51h.
    Lumia625 batteryThe Lumia 625 bested almost 10 smartphones with bigger batteries (up to 3500 and 3400)! in calling endurance (3G calling that is.)
  • The Lumia 1020 didn’t not set a new record but it impressively still made it to the top ten list with impressive calling times at 22:13 beating the Motorola Razr Maxxx (with 3500mAh battery!) with it being the only smartphone on the list that has a 2000mAh next to the Lumia 625! JUST WOW.Web surfing however took an AMOLED induced dive at 5:50 its still decent compared to what the Sony Xperia Z1 with the 3000mAh gives out (which is a mere 9 minutes more!)Video playback lets the Lumia 1020 the best WP ever at video playback with a great 13:12 of playback. coming just in second after the two years old 3500mAh equipped Droid Razr Maxx (the test shows two phone but its the same phone with different software on it.)along with impressive standby times the Lumia 1020 pulled an endurance rating of 61h.

Lumia1020 battery


Good job Nokia we love you.



Thanks for @AdrianGHughes for the tip.



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