Nokia Lumia 1020 GSMARENA review is up + 1020 demolishes the Iphone5S

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Today GSMARENA released its Lumia 1020 review (one of the longer ones at 13 pages)


I’m just going to quote one paragraph of the awesome review, which was done with the utmost respect for Nokia’s latest bang as they describe it.

PureView is on its way down in history and while we loved the Nokia 808, it will be the Lumia 1020 that makes the name more than a footnote. With a modern OS and improved design of both the camera and the phone itself, the 1020 is Nokia’s – make that Microsoft’s – best bet at having the best mobile camera ever made.

To read the full review



Now for the Iphone5s news.

At Apple’s Iphone5S event Tim Cook while walking up to the stage looked at a reporter (Myriam Joire) holding the Lumia 1020 and told her to get a new phone, of course the irony isn’t lost on Apple as their new phones are BARELY new.

Specially the Iphone5C which turned out to be the Iphone 5 in plastic (perhaps it was too expensive to sell the Iphone5 for cheap this year).

Apple claimed it knew what makes a great camera and took pride that they discovered that its the “size of the pixels” and not the “pixel count” that “counts”,  HTC fans should be laughing at Apple as it was HTC’s idea to begin with.

Today my  favorite Nokia Youtuber (Mark Guim from “TheNokiaBlog”)  released a video comparing the performances of both the Iphone5s and the Lumia 1020 video capabilities at night.

Its an amazing feat to witness a 64bit processor with a bigger pixels sensor and the same aperture gets crushed by last year’s processor with a very tiny pixel sized sensor.

Look at that amazing dynamic range. (left Lumia 1020, Right Iphone5S)

Lumia Iphone

And while the above one was a close call, once the night came the next one shows the Iphone5S giving up.
Night Iphone Lumia

Another win for the Lumia 1020; it handles city lights and even small lights with grace showing details that the Iphone5S just smudged.

(its incredibly hard to photograph small led lights in a totally dark environment BTW.)

Iphone Lumia Dark


I also enjoyed the next gen OIS performance.

Watch the full video here. Please use 1080p if your screen allows it. (Most screens are 720p so don’t waste the bandwidth :)).

Thanks for reading be sure to like Mark Guim’s video and also invest in reading page 7 of the Lumia 1020 review.

Have a good day guys.


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