Earth VS Air who wins? #Lumia920

| September 28, 2013 | 5 Replies

When the Lumia 920 first launched, it made sense that its OIS capabilities would be used for capturing alternative sports, Nokia made several videos to show case it too including a lovely parkour one.

However they neither really hit the point, nor were that entertaining to forgive the lack of Lumia screen time.

Today however Nokia released one of my favorite videos of the week, its a little silly competition between a BMX bike and a guy using an Air glide thingy (please remind me of its name in the comments)


The action is all captured using several Nokia Lumia 920, featuring sine amazing music, some good laughs and a simple story line with a twist “PERFECT”.

I think this the first video I’d brand as an Amazing everyday video. 🙂

enjoy it guys.





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