Video: Ballmer’s Tearful Goodbye to Microsoft & Employees

| September 28, 2013 | 60 Replies

Before Microsoft announced their plans to purchase Nokia’s devices and services division, Ballmer announced that he would step down as CEO of Microsoft within the year. Yesterday during a company-wide meeting, he said his final last goodbyes to Microsoft and his employee’s; in a mix of tears, shouts, fist pumps and chest pounding their was a lot of true raw emotion. Enough to have my eye’s getting a little watery too; point is regardless of what we as Nokia fans think/thought of Ballmer, he had a genuine love for his company, and it shows; he loved his employees, and it seems a lot of them loved him back (after all they always got free Xboxes, devices, and laptops 😛 ). I’m trying to imagine what Elop’s farewell speech would have been like? He probably won’t have one to give, but if he did; would be half as emotional as this? I imagine lots of booing and a couple of rotten tomatoes.

If your tear ducts are ready watch the video below:


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