Ex-Nokian creates “PulseOn” – “Most Accurate Heart Monitor In The World”

| November 28, 2013 | 5 Replies

Image Source: Business Insider

With all the hype of Jolla today, selling their first handset, comes another great story from an ex-Nokian start-up. Tero Mennander, former Nokia engineer, claims to have created (and patented) the world’s most accurate heart monitor, PulseOn.

PulseOn is a wearable device that looks like a watch, so unlike traditional heart rate monitors, it doesn’t need to be big, or bulky, or even strapped to the wearer’s chest. Apparently other monitors can be fooled by the consumption of alcohol – and will give a false reading.

“If you drink alcohol before you go to sleep, wake up in morning, a motion-based activity tracker (like the Fitbit or Fuelband) will tell you you’ve been sleeping long and well, even though you haven’t,” Mennader says. “PulseOn will tell you you’ve been sleeping a while, but your body hasn’t really recovered.”

If this shapes up to be a success, it would change the fitness and health side wearable technology, and would show just how talented the people coming out of Nokia can be.

We will keep you guys updated with any information as this progresses.

Sources: Business Insider & TechFaster

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