Microsoft Rumored to Offer Samsung $1 Billion Dollars Incentive to Focus on WP

| December 15, 2013 | 137 Replies

steve-ballmer-windows-phone-8-301012According to a recent rumor Microsoft are offering Samsung a very similar deal to one they offered Nokia before the WP agreement was struck. Before Nokia accepted WP as their primary platform OS Microsoft agreed to pay Nokia quarterly “support payments” to help ease the change to a new OS; which greatly helped Nokia stay in the black, or at least avoid falling to deep into the red in the past two years. Now it seems Samsung have been offered $1,000,000,000 *yes BILLION* to give WP a decent push.

The news doesn’t seem to far-fetched, although the source is Eldar; our least favorite/reliable leaker ever. To date, Samsung have only made two WP8 devices, the Ativ S and the Neo; and have done a piss-poor job at pushing them; obviously not giving WP any serious consideration. But if the largest phone manufacturer would suddenly start to churn out devices at the pace they do for Androids, things could look up much faster for WP.




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