Plex and NFC Toolkit Updated

| January 10, 2014 | 1 Reply

Two of my favourite apps on WP8 got updates overnight; Plex and NFC Toolkit.


Plex was updated to v1.6.05 and adds:

  • Improved discovery of local servers that failed to publish
  • Referencing to the new website

It also has a number of fixes, such as:

  • Update play progress for queued and recommended content
  • OnDeck updates automatically when episodes are played
  • Ignore stale published server entries
  • Don’t respond to GDM searches when listening for Plex Companion Commands


NFC Toolkit has been bumped to and brings with it a slew of new features and improvements.

  • Added placeholder for albums with no images in album chooser
  • Fixed error that occurs sometimes when the active playing song changes in car dashboard
  • Mix Play & Share is now respecting only countries where MixRadio is available
  • Nokia Music is now only available in car dashboard in countries where available
  • Added more system apps to write tag page
  • Added possibility to write tags for other devs
    • add their app to the list of launchable apps in profiles
    • write data on NFC tags: website, email, text, launching settings pages, launching system apps (list also updated), and launching apps
    • launch NFC toolkit itself
  • Added uservoice page for support (FAQ & Feedback)
  • Added links to NFC stores that deliver to a broad range of countries (RapidNFC and TagAge). When buying NFC tags at TagAge, a 10% discount will be granted by using the code: “MSiccDev10”.
  • Added also to possibility to save the corresponding links to Pocket to make it easier to order tags from your PC




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