NokConv: How Nokia Connects with its Amazing Community

| January 31, 2014 | 4 Replies

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Joel Williams details the work that goes on behind the scenes of how Nokia Connects with its AMAZING Community.

Nokia’s Social Media teams are awesome. Whether it be direct Nokia, Nokia Connects or the previous WOM World (via 1000Heads), they know how to engage with the community and bring up grass roots support.

As you know, MNB started because we had so much more Nokia related content to share, thanks to WOMWorld (now Nokia Connects).

But it isn’t just about connecting with Nokia or even tech bloggers. It’s about those online who make conversation.  We hope that even with the D&S sale to Microsoft, they’ll continue this involvement.

Our 7 super rules of engagement

1. We discover and get involved in relevant conversations.
2. We reward people who create amazing things with their Nokias by showcasing and amplifying their content.
3. We give people the opportunity to test out the latest Nokia products through device trials.
4. We inspire our community to be creative with creative content and challenges on Instagram, Vine, Twitter, Facebook and Nokia Conversations.
5. We take members of the community to key events around the world such as MWC, Nokia World, CES and Social Media Week.
6. We build real relationships through years of community management on social media, telephone, email and most importantly, one-to-one!
7. We provide our community with access to Nokia employees, from R&D to Product Managers to Marketing.

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