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With the Nokia X being Nokia’s venture into the Android App world there are a lot of questions about how these apps will work, and where to find them. Thankfully Nokia Conversations had a little chat with  Amit Patel, Vice President of Developer Relations; and here are some things they mentioned.

First off in terms of app compatibility, almost all apps should be compatible with the Nokia X line (software speaking, and not hardware);  the only case these apps won’t work is if they require using a Google service, such as Google Maps, Notifications or in app purchases through google. To get a round this a developer simply has to reprogram his app to use the Nokia equivalents (HERE maps, Nokia API’s etc.) and he’s all set.

 There are three APIs that make them non-compatible; HERE Maps, notification and in-app payment. For any apps that are using these APIs, the developer would need to be some modifications. In many cases the changes are relatively small and can be completed in a matter of hours. Once done, just package your app and put it into the Nokia Store.

The Nokia X platform also supports purchasing apps through carrier-billing, a huge pump for people who don’t have a credit card handy.

And of course if the app you want isn’t available on the Nokia store, you can just side-load it onto the device 😉 (Nokia subtly hinted at that in the last question).

Read the full Q&A at the link below:



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