How an MS programmer on reddit is restoring my faith in Microsoft.

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Nokia’s relationship with its fans is unique to say the least, they’re very honest and open about their products, they allow nay they encourage their employees to reach out to their customers via social media, and so we know so much stuff about the making of smartphones in comparison to any other fan base who are mostly obsessed with vague brandings.


Microsoft on the other hand used to be described as indifferent to small customers and more in favor of business clients, It used to give very limited access to its back scenes for fans, and it had a very corporate feel that alienated loads of people.

Of course in the last three years most of the above started to change slowly, we got deeper access we got effective social media coverage and Build conferences with around the clock live coverage!

Sadly there’s still too little information behind the scenes of coding Windows Phone and coding in Microsoft in general and while some of it deserve to remain private, I think using user’s knowledge of progress can create both a dead line effect and a preemptive strike on bad decisions by fans uproars, both we already know are NECESSITIES by today’s standards.

An MS employee on Reddit is currently actively answering any questions about Windows Phone 8.1 which he has installed on both his Icon and Lumia 928 (a Verizon user I suppose)

It is not just great that he’s very responsive even to stupid questions but he’s also very honest, I mean this guy -could be fired- honest!

He is talking about all the obstacles Windows Phone had and why it took so long to get 8.1 delivered citing reorg and bad management as possible reasons, giving WP8.2 teasers while claiming that WP 9 will be their master piece.
Sure this guy is very cocky so you have to excuse that and can sometimes speak rudely so expect that too, but up until he’s eventually shut down, this guy is your ultimate source for the hottest inside scoops on Windows Phone.

Microsoft need ballsy programmers to interact with its consumers more and more, make promises and get personally attached for its success and even personally attacked for their failures, Windows Phone’s code is beating with us everyday, we carry it everywhere, we pour our money into it and sometimes get our money through it, this unique personal relation with our phones deserve a personal relation with our coders rather with team leaders who are too “US centric” or sometimes “corporate centric”.
If Microsoft allowed its coder to shine more, my faith in Microsoft will be fully restored and I know the next big thing will come baring the Microsoft logo.



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