Jolla Releases First Early Adopter Release of Sailfish OS HADK

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For those who have been eager to get their hands on the Sailfish OS Hardware Adaptation Development Kit (HADK), the wait is over! Jolla today pushed out details about how you can build Sailfish for your Android device. Currently, devices supported by CyanogenMod (CM) 10.1 are supported in the HADK, and there are plans to make it support CM 11.0 and Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

Being an early adopter release, there will be issues, and this is still a WORK IN PROGRESS and should be treated as such. It is advised that you don’t use your main device to test this on, in case you brick your device. Which can happen given the way in which you are modifying your device.

The HADK is simply a manual outlining the steps required to build Sailfish for your Android device. If the terminology used in the manual does not make sense, and you’re not comfortable with things like rooting, flashing and using the command line, this is probably not for you then.

The HADK can be found here (PDF).

Release Notes/Known Issues in HADK v1.0.1-EA1:
- Resulting HADK image for any device will not have Jolla Store support 
(whereas as official Nexus 4 >=EA3 images by Jolla have). We are working 
on Jolla Store integration into HADK (aiming for Nexus 4 as very first)
Will be fixed in the next release of HADK:
- HADK PDF has line-wrapping issues in pages 16, 19.
- PDF readers which can copy out-of-bound text: okular, Firefox PDF 
viewer. Readers which cannot: evince, epdfview, mupdf
- PDF contains no table of contents
- Page 9: single quotes should be used to avoid early variable 
evaluation for '[insert value of your choosing]' and 

We will all meet in the support channel called #sailfishos-porters on and please use us (thp, alterego, Stskeeps, lbt, 
sledges) to work together, report any bugs, graphical glitches or 
missing functionality that you find, which are not included in the 
release notes above. You can also find the hardware adaptation source 
code at .

You are also welcome to participate in threads such as about Nexus 4 and 
Sailfish OS as well as for more general Sailfish OS topics at

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