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Earlier in August, the Nokia Lumia 635 launched on the AT&T network as a no-contract Go Phone for $99. This is a great deal as you can use the Go Phone Lumia 635 with an existing non-Go Phone AT&T SIM card so basically the Lumia 635 is yours for $99 plus tax.

The original Lumia 635 announcement from AT&T stated that there would be a special Lumia 635 bundle for customers who would prefer a two-year contract or those that would like to purchase the Lumia 635 via AT&T’s Next program:

Starting August 8, you can also get the Nokia Lumia 635 online or in AT&T stores with black and orange back covers in the box for $139.99 at no annual commitment pricing.4 The device is available with AT&T Next 18 for as little as $5.84 per month or only $7 per month with Next 12.

Well, August 8 came and went and the regular, non-Go Phone, bundle inclusive Nokia Lumia 635 never showed up in stores or online. I checked online and with reps at least once a week and some reps insisted that the Lumia 635 was ONLY a Go Phone and others simply didn’t know anything about the aforementioned announcement. Regardless of weeks of confusion, the Nokia Lumia 635 bundle is finally available and the bundle is better than originally announced!

AT&T Nokia Lumia 635 Bundle

635 details


While the $99 Lumia 635 Go Phone does not come with any additional accessories, Lumia 635 bundle comes with even more value for your money than what was originally announced: the inclusion of a 16GB Micros SD card, bringing your total storage up to 24GB at the time of purchase! The Lumia 635 has 8GB plus a MicroSD slot supporting cards up to 128GB capacity if you need more than 24GB.


There are 4 different purchase options for the Lumia 635 bundle:

  • $0.99 – 2 Year Contract
  • $5.84 Per Month – AT&T Next 18 Month Payment Plan
  • $7 per month – AT&T Next 12 Month Payment Plan
  • $139.99 – No Contract (just like buying the $99 Go Phone version and paying for the 16GB card and Bright Orange back cover)

I plan on utilizing the AT&T next 18 Month Plan as an additional $5.84 for the whole month seems affordable as some may spend more than that on lunch and that is only for one day. The good news about the Next program is that you can pay the remaining balance off at any time. I may not have a spare $139.99 today but in a few months, I may have an extra $75 to pay off the remaining installment balance at that time.

Personally, I would advise against the $0.99 2 year contract deal as your 2 year commitment would be better served for a higher end Windows Phone. Even older models such as the Lumia 925, 1020 and 1520 are a better buy than the Lumia 635 when 2 years of financial bondage is taken into consideration.

The addition of the included 16GB Micro SD card is a big bonus as Windows Phone 8.1 has the ability to move apps and files to the SD card, freeing up what is left of the 8GB of internal storage. I used the Lumia 635 Go Phone in an AT&T store and it was impressive for the money. The high quality screen was bright and easy to read with excellent color reproduction, great performance from the Quad-Core Snapdragon processor and solid build quality.

My excitement is rather strange as one would think that a person who owns a Lumia 1520, 1020, 920 and others would not be interested in a budget Windows Phone but there is something special about the user experience that is being provided by having Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana, Here Drive, MixRadio, Microsoft Software and account sync with Windows 8.1 and more in such an affordable package. Have any of you used the Lumia 635 or even the Lumia 630?

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