Employees from Nokia’s Oulu Office Create; Showcasing Finnish Talent for Hire

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We’ve seen many companies rise from the ashes of Nokia, whether it be CloudBerryTec, or Jolla, or the ones who tried but didn’t quit make it, like Nokita. is here, and there ready! is a company of collected talent who operated out of the Oulu facility. With over 500 employees, are hoping their talent isn’t wasted, and decided to do something about it and create a company that others can utilise to produce beautiful products.

What’s interesting to note, is that the team managed to create the Nokia X2 in just 32 weeks. The team definitely has a great track record.

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“We are achieving a first on the markets by introducing world-class ICT expertise to international
companies on this scale. Via the website, we want to tell the world about our unbeatable,
long-standing expertise, our strong passion for innovation, our hunger for achievement and the huge range
of opportunities that we can offer to companies,” says’s Craig Livingstone, who is leading the
“Independent, job-creating projects such as, which are bursting with passion and strong
expertise, are highly welcome. Finland is a major centre of international ICT expertise and, in areas like
Oulu, projects of this kind are ideal ways of alerting foreign companies to the skills we can offer and of
boosting employment,” sums up Matti Pennanen, Mayor of Oulu.

We’ve personally had the chance to meet many of those involved in this, be it at various events over the years, some of which have even become friends. So its awesome to see that they won’t stop doing what they love, and wish them all the best for the future!

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