Kyocera Looking to Create Nokia Morph Style Wearable-Phone Hybrid?

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Every smartphone company these days seems to be entering into the wearable market. We’ve seen Samsung, Motorola, LG, Apple and even Microsoft enter into the space. Though, we got glimpses of wearable tech that Nokia was conceptually-prototyping way back in 2008!


The original press release for the Morph said that “elements” of the conceptual device may be “able to integrate into handheld devices within 7 years”. Simple math shows 2008+7=2015 – which is not to far off. Which brings me to the original talking point for the article.


Kyocera unveiled a prototype of Proteus at CEATEC, Japan’s equivalent to CES. Whilst the unveiling was more focused on future looking goals and technologies, there is a resemblance all too familiar with this and the Morph. The company’s plan is to create a bendable screen that can be worn on the wrist, or stretch out and used as a phone. It has aims to allow for a tactile keyboard to be included ‘on-demand’ so to speak, possibly via shape memory, like Tactus.

Kyocera has apparently detailed their intention to have sensors on the rear of the phone, that way when a wearable, they will be in contact with the wearer’s skin and get all sorts of readings.

Its really cool to see that something Nokia had first detailed as being a way forward may turn into reality soon. Kind of like a device they had in the works that Samsung copied. But I’ll save that for another day 😉

Source: DisplayCentral (via GSMArena )


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