N95 is scarred. P1i to the rescue?

| September 17, 2007 | 3 Replies

After 7 months of being it utmost pristine condition, I find my N95 to have an unsightly gash below its secondary camera.

I have no idea how that happened. Found it Saturday morning on the way home. It used to be in either a pouch or a crystal case. The pouch keeps getting lost and the crystal case…well that just breaks after a while (most hate them for the simple fact that they’re just too bulky) so my N95 ended up with neither. Just hopefully keeping my right pocket clear of any coins/keys and other abrasive objects. Well that worked up until that Saturday.

Over at “Just Another Phone Blog“  there’s a very normal looking Sony Ericsson P1i. What’s special about it is that it sports a very discreet protective layer.

No it’s not an invisible force shield, it’s this super thin transparent plastic.

It looks almost laminated. I wonder how they managed to slip that on. Whilst nothing can be done about that blemish on my N95’s face, something like this could possible help prevent anymore damange in future.

Anyone know it it would be possible for the N95 to have something like this?



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