Nokia N95 with 1200mAh BL-6F battery! It's possible!

| September 28, 2007 | 59 Replies

Since the very beginning we’ve been told that the reason the N95-3 and N95-8GB’s shutter was removed was due to the larger battery.

Even though I saw the N95-8GB at London, the model I tested did not have the BL-6F for me to find out wheter it could fit or not. But I was amongst many others that were peeved that they didn’t do something simpler like redesign the back or even the battery to accomodate that extra space needed.

Yesterday at the Nseries event at LA mansion (pics will be uploaded soon) station reps and even the Product Manager said confirmed the same thing about BL-6F is not for the N95 due to size constrainsts.

Recently, due to the shoddy state of my N95 battery cover, I posted a rant about the possibility of using a larger battery on the N95-ORIGINAL, now with the extra space provided by the crystal case that kept the useless battery cover on.

Due to Nokia claiming that the camera shutter cover prevented the BL-6F from fitting, I believed them, and thought that they should have redesigned the battery instead. But even that’s not needed! Look what I found out last night!

Yup, that’s right! It fits! Current N95 original users may be able to use the higher capacity BL-6F if you wanted to (albeit with the use of a crystal case – which is perfect for me since I have to use the crystal case )


It’s a perfect fit! The only thing I’m not sure about is whether this would pose any long term problems down the line, since size seems not to be the problem, there may have been another reason not to have included the BL-6F in the N95 original.

I’ve asked to test out the battery to see if there will be any problems, so as a disclaimer, be warned that the BL-6F was not designed for the N95 original and you may put your own N95 at risk by using that battery.

As a power user though, I’m very happy.

  • Longer music playback,
  • Longer video playback,
  • Longer calls
  • GPS use for longer time is feasible(no more, I’ll stay lost otherwise I won’t be able to make a call)
  • Longer camera use!

The crystal case I am using is from ebay. For about £2 I think, you get 3 sets (you only need the back). They are pretty sturdy, but be warned also that they may break (mine hasn’t, only at parts due to my strap, which most people do not have on their N95).

Darla Mack has already performed extensive battery tests with her N95-3 (US) that uses BL-6F and results are very positive as to how much more juice we can expect from the BL-6F and the original N95.

So exactly what does this mean? It means that Nokia listened to the requests of their users and improved the battery!

Now the next request would be to make a similar battery for existing N95 users.

Wooo! We can, Darla!

Here’s a video demo to show the N95 working nicely with the BL-6F


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