Why oh why, Sports Tracker? Now what would ShoZu do?

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(Picture of the(my) day: above is of Stephen and Mark, a dad and son duo from Hungary playing football on the beach about 200 yards out from dry land. Fantabulously shallow water.)

Describing what sports tracker can do with photos to others new to the world of geo tagging elicits intrigue and amazement.

However, since the software is beta, users will often come into situations that make them feel sports tracker is giving you a rude slap on the face. That slap comes in the form of your pictures, which you could have literally travelled miles and hours to get only for it to tell you “no i refuse to geotag that” via its errors.

I really dislike how users do not have the option of which photos to share, instead being forced to permanently be at loss of the pictures from your device of those images you won’t be publicly sharing(at least with that workout).

To further add to the frustration, due to sports tracker assuming you want all associated files per workout uploaded, should there be an error in search, and pictures not found will NOT be uploaded and CANNOT be added using the application.

I’m new to ShoZu, but from early experience I love the degree of control (bar phantom postings of which i’m attributing to mis pressing than anything i hope ) I have on which media i want to upload, edit description, titles and tags all from your phone as I am now so I’d never actually need to rely on another device …aka a computer/internet tablet, just getting my thoughts, pictures and videos out where ever and when ever I have signal.

Final versions of Sports Tracker must allow such simple freedom of your own personal choice when it comes to which files you want to share. Yes, keep the whole total file search, but extend it by giving the option to upload all, select files to upload, and manually upload (any files that may have been missed by that search).

Also, let sports tracker have the ability to edit description, titles and tags. Even though a website can be easy enough to use, having to rely on a computer instantly adds more steps of hindrance to the whole “you can do it all in one multimedia computer” ease we should be expecting from our phones, especially when you’re”on the go”.

In all, I can see myself using sports tracker quite a lot as it has a lot of potential. It extends way beyond the sports application, and quite frankly, needs a new name for others to grasp the concept of what it’s supposed to do rather than just ignore it “because I’m not that concerned in athletics to run an application about it”.

I’d like to see it integrated with other online communities, sharing with others where and what you took at a particular place, this is just simply a most excellent application for holiday goers. No need to tell of where the photo was taken, you can see it on the map. In addition with maps landmark saver, I also use sports tracker to quickly snap a picture of a place I want to get back to later, but not entirely sure where it was. Being geotagged means I can look at that later on a map (although it would be nice if somehow it could be integrated with the Maps application so you can see it on the phone). Finally, last point, please somehow give the option of auto tracking once sports tracker application is on. Too few a time have I assumed since it’s running in the background (as with the maps GPS app) that it’s trying to get a GPS lock and track (or at least have an icon in the foreground like the alarm/new messages/missed call etc to tell you if you’re tracking or not. Better yet, future phones: a flashing LED.)

I’m really impressed with how the internal GPS on the N82 is handling the tracking. Sometimes, locking immediately after I switch on the application from inserting a fresh battery. I’ve been able to keep a track where I wasn’t even able to make a call due to lack of signal. Yay satellites!

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