Leaving Koh Samui and onto Bangkok

| February 4, 2008 | Reply

(Final day here in Samui, afternoon flight off to bangkok, around 1¹GMT.

What memories of this place; the most spectacular beaches, the elephant ride, the till-sunrise beach party, the snorkling(with war wounds to prove…damn those rocks were sharp) and finally the coincidence of meeting up here with Steve and hanging around with Dumpy and Madgie.

On the way, there’s been the most frustrations with sports tracker as there’s difficulty in finding decent spec’d computers, even rarer, with decent connection prefer. The use of sports tracker currently demands high octane internet performance which perhaps is understandable for the site being at alpha stage.

All my previous rants include what I’d like to see unless I need to reiterate them again(or sports tracker does something to make me need to vent some frustration).

N82 is being a good old workhorse, literally my connection to the world. Restraints in features of simple video/still-shot and various other buttons(which could simply be implemented by making camera features correspond to the numbered keys…not hard…samsung have done it for a long while) like macro, white balance and additional features of a real room and variable exposure lengths have often made me wish of bringing a dedicated camera, but most of the time, until those limitations arise, I forget that the camera I’m using is actually a phone.

Battery has been fair considering the intensity of its usage, not just the constant use but the myriad(well relative for symbian) of background apps. Its been extended by the longtime favourite of many performance users, the 3400mAH, then iPod like, proporta charger and spare batteries, the latter of which has been capable of charging the n82 approx twice from a couple of bars.

The batch of n82 i’m using still has an unusual affinity for getting the display screen scratched. No other part of the phone has such wounds, only the majorly important screen which should be made of glass, or a tougher plastic.

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