Sports Tracker will make you go bald!

| February 8, 2008 | Reply

If you were to pull out ¹strand of hair per each unit minute of frustration from sports tracker and uploading to the web, in a two week usage, you’d have taken out enough hair to replace all the blades of grass at a football pitch.

Yet again, we encounter another upload problem. It was uploading fine but I decided to cancel the upload just in case my signal would be interrupted (moving through buildings) and cause an error.

One “workout” later to the airport and an attempt at restarting upload gives me”cannot upload to service, invalid data”. 2 hours attempting at reuploading and no luck. Looks like my first 3 hours in Chennai will be spent in an internet cafe again.

Urgh, so very annoying!

So, I’m assuming that the Nseries Urabanista widgets will become personalised for each Sports Tracker user in the future, to put into blogs and online community profiles as this has and will for the urbanista people. I don’t really see the whole Sports Tracker community (on the site itself) taking off the way it is now. Too cumbersome to navigate, and way too slow, and that’s not even the uploading/editing of workouts portion.

Although slow, I’ve taken for granted that I’ve always got readily available internet connection so I can upload workouts and pictures whenever i’ve got signal. Back in the UK when I’ll be using my own sim, i’ll be limited to certain upload locations (ie open/legit wifi spots) as data rates are still so shockingly expensive.

That said, if the sportstracker guys can iron out the bugs and streamline the site and the widgets, I can see myself using it outside of the nseries urbanista project. Again, just to state, application in Beta, site in alpha stage, i.e. Thankfully nokia acknowledges that there’s a lot more work to go before both are set out into the public.

At the waiting lounge now for Chennai. Will be meeting miss Jen tomo, then to Wales, home on Sunday. Missing everyone, oh and broadband, and of course my laptop. Haha, sad.

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