Nokia N97 designer Eguchi Shunjiro and imaging suggestions.

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One of the guys responsible for the Nokia N97’s unequivocally beautiful looks, N97 designer Eguchi Shunjiro talks about the product ideas behind the Nokia N97.


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Although mainly involved in the exterior design, Shunjiro also hints as to as to why Nokia isn’t getting caught up in the Mega Pixel race and Nokia’s goal in getting the best benefit for the end user.

That point about sticking to 5mp interested me a lot.

What are cameraphone photographers interested in? Is it sheer gunning power of your flash or your million extra pixels? No. It’s the convenience of always being there and possibly as shown by the iPhone’s top spot on flickr, the convenience of a bundled internet connection to upload and share your photos with ease. I guess I’m happy that if Nokia isn’t ready to go up few gears in the MP race, they don’t wreck the N97 by having more technology that’s poorly implemented.

As an all-in-one convergence enthusiast, on the imaging front, it would have been great though if Nokia did include technology they have already included into their other phones, such as optical zoom, dedicated video/still-image switch, flash/video-light button and stereo recording from the N93 and Xenon flash from the N82. Yes, with Dual LED, you have the option for using it as a light source when video recording in poorer lighting, but you could always have both. It’s just nice to have the option rather than having it taken away from you. I guess though from a wider scope of users, simpler is better. I recall standing in line for a CD signing last Monday and the lady in front didn’t even know how to press the shutter or switch to video on her camera.

A solution maybe to make some proven Apple-esque adverts that introduce the features to you in form of an easily digestible video manual:

“With the Nokia N97’s 5MP camera you can leave your compact camera behind. [Narrated of course with that Applesque tone.] With the flick of a switch you can switch seamlessly into video or still images without going through a complicated and confusing menu screen. [User is seen to take a video then switch quickly to still images or vice versa]. Compose the perfect picture with the N97, get the close up detail with its optical zoom [user shown pushing zoom button] and quickly activate the flash to get the best lighting possible [user inside a relatively dark room, flash fills the whole screen white and quickly you can see a beautifully composed image that by assumption placed on viewer would not be possible on lesser mobiles other than the N97]The Nokia N97”


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