HTC Touch Pro2 – What the N97 should have been?

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htc-touch-pro2-nokia-n97With end of May/early June (release of N97) looming, I’m getting some doubts again about what I’m actually looking for in a new phone. Not really “the best out there” but “the best for me” (but as a phone geek it’s very much the same thing)

The N97 claims to be a mobile computer:

  • Relatively large widescreen – CHECK
  • Screen at an angle – CHECK
  • Physical keyboard – CHECK

With those features, N97 seems to be bridging the gap between phones and netbooks. Its keyboard and mass of internal memory is its advantage over the other two similar competitors, Omnia HD and Idou who focus on imaging and entertainment.

What I need in a phone:

I’ve decided to use more mobile internet on my next phone purchase. Ramp up the internet allowance to have some decent “surfage” on the net: blog more and via my mobile, use more internet based services – basically try and be online 24/7 through my phone. A netbook would be good but I can’t fit that in my jeans pocket.

So if I’m going to choose the N97 because of it’s keyboard and angled screen, then it opens up the arena again for other handsets; namely the HTC Touch Pro2.


[Similar looking: N97 vs Touch Pro2]

The HTC Touch Pro2 trumps the N97 ON

  • Screen size and resolution: 3.5″ 640 x 360 VS 3.6″ 800 x 480

HTC’s screen is only 0.1″ bigger than the Nokia’s, but more clarity with the increased pixel count – better for photos and small screen text when viewing the web/documents (although 640×360 is already really good).

  • Screen at an angle – 30 degree only – although very stable with the N97  VS a range of angles and a max of 70 degrees with HTC

The N97’s sliding mechanism is reported to be very robust – I’m not sure about the Touch Pro 2, it looks a little flimsy but it is more versatile.

  • Physical keyboard: 3 row vs 5 row.

The N97’s keyboard is apparently OK according to early reviews, but with only 3 rows and perplexing layout of certain keys, it will take some getting used to. Whilst I can forgive the space bar being on the right and the punctutation hidden amongst the letters, I really dislike the numbers being integrated into the top line of letters.

pic06[N97 keyboard with orange back lighting. Image from Eldar Murtazin, mobile review]

The SU-W8 bluetooth keyboard was just a keyboard but it also merged the top line of numbers with the letter row and, although you get used to it, it’s annoying to have to press the Fn key. (Does anyone know if numbers come up if you long press or do you just get “TTTTTTTTTTTTTT” i.e. long press 6)

200801231600[Nokia N800 with 4-row bluetooth keyboard, SU-W8]

The HTC Touch Pro2 has a stonkingly good keyboard layout. Because the angle of the screen is at the edge (and wider than the N97, 55.5 VS 59.2) it can afford to have pretty much the normal keyboard layout. 5 rows, minimal compromise and although simple – the backlit keys look nicer and clearer.


[HTC Touch Pro2’s great keyboard. Check out the video below from MobileBurn‘s Michael Oryl to see more of it in action]


Something about those orange keys on the N97 make me think about those old car phones of the 90s. Why Nokia? It could have been blue or plain white or dare say a mix it up for certain keys, but why the broad orange? On the up side, the placement of the Dpad would make it good for game play.


[N97 keyboard with orange back lighting. Image from Eldar Murtazin, mobile review]

But only 3.2MP with no flash on the HTC Touch Pro2 is too much of a compromise coming from 5MP with Carl Zeiss optics. Furthermore, I much prefer the look of the “black” N97.


Additional winning points: 32GB internal memory vs 228MB internal (although the HTC can also be extended with memory card) and S60 – which I’m just particularly more familiar but -however, HTC’s done wonders with WinMo 6.1 on the Touch Pro 2.

The HTC’s Touch Pro2 is a lot more enterprise orientated, with interesting features such as “Straight Talk”, not a Macho talk show but HTC’s way of integrating important contact details and innovating conference calling; although both could serve the most conscientious of executives.

Although very much in a niche category too, the more multimedia orientated N97 tagged Facebook for now clinches it for me.

Anyway, I really should be revising and finishing of coursework.

There’s plenty of info about the HTC Touch Pro2 here and the Nokia N97 here.

For a summary comparison check this out:


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