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| April 23, 2009 | Reply

Everyone who’s ever used earphones has experienced the dreaded tangled coiled wires. From the very cheapest to the more audiophile centric flavours, they all suffer from spontaneous self knotting as if it was sentient and just wanted to annoy you.

There’s a few solutions out there to prevent tangled wiring, but none as practical and effective a concept as this, by designer, Ji Woong.


What’s more, the handle of the slide not only changes the length of the left and right cord as you please (often fixed in most alternatives) but it also functions as a remote control!yi_earphones4I would definitely buy one of these. I’ve gone through a lot of earphones in one year, and apart from the washing machine incident, the main reason for replacement was cable wear/tear. One of my favourites is my Ultimate Ears 5 EB – it has replaceable cables but this makes it vulnerable to randomly detaching from the phones. It’s very annoying and although useful for easy replacement of the cord, wrecks the phone bit so much there’s no point!

This zipper idea is great, looks super durable (as long as they get the teeth/track right), would solve the coiling issue and also looks quite quirky. Perhaps it could even be integrated into clothing…? Maybe not… would be annoying to get stuck wearing one jacket/hoodie/coat if you want to use those earphones – moreover, whatabout washing?

From yankodesign via intomobile


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