Fantastic customer service with Logitech

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This isn’t directly phone related or something majorly discussed about manufacturers, but it’s an issue we may sometimes face when something goes wrong with our electronic devices.

Bad experiences

I normally purchase my phones through carphone warehouse, but their customer service, for the 5 or more years I’ve been with them is appalling! One example is when I bought insurance with them for my N93 a while back and when that needed repair, I had to wait 4 months with endless phone calls only to still end up with another broken handset. The only positive that ever came out of that was that I had to come in several times to the store and the manager at the time was Paul Potts. Yup, THE Paul Potts, the winner of the first Britain’s Got Talent. Haha, how I wish I kept his notes and receipts – could have eBayed them as autographs!

Customer service calls

Today I made a few phone calls to different customer service departments, one to Nokia about the fact that the microphone on my N82 had stopped working again, and to logitech about my VX Revolution mouse. With Nokia, I got through pretty quickly today and within 5 minutes I was given the address of a Nokia Care Point 5 minutes away from me who will deal with the microphone.

This post is more about how fantastic the Logitech customer service was today.

I bought a VX revolution wireless laser mouse two years ago.

  • I have no proof of purchase,
  • I don’t have the box,
  • I just have an excellent but slightly worn mouse.

The scroll wheel has become unresponsive and since I had no receipt for usual warranty claims I nearly bought a new one until I came across a forum post that as long as it’s within 3 years of purchase, they will send you a brand new one. For free!

How utterly fantastic is that? You don’t have to send anything away. Apparently all I need is to upload three pictures, with reference numbers and the serial number of the mouse and they send a new one to me. What’s really interesting is that the third picture you take is of a destroyed mouse! That’s right, they want you to smash it with a hammer or cut it with a saw. I thought it was a joke but apparently that’s standard procedure.

How awesome is that? You even get to have a bit of fun smashing up your mouse! I’m not going to do this until after my exams – I kind of need to have a mouse at all times for research/revision/coursework. But other than that, this is excellent customer service. No loops to jump through, so mailing products back out of my pocket, and most importantly, no need for a receipt!

Imagine if all manufacturers would have the same policy? Knowing that a few years down the line of purchasing their product, that company is not going to screw you over and ignore your pleas for help once you’ve you’ve parted with your hard earned cash.

Apple have recently announced something similar for the iPhone, whereby should you break your phone due to water damage, for $199, they replace your iPhone. Yes, there’s $199 out of your pocket, but considering that most of the time, water damage is the user’s fault, that’s a really good deal. Nokia don’t do something like this yet, but they do cover a lot within their warranty. They’re pretty good too, in my experience. Fingers crossed, it’ll continue being that way when it comes to fixing the microphone.

Of course, my two problems today with my mouse and N82 could have been solved if the wheel wasn’t so flimsy nor if the N82 didn’t have a recurrent microphone problem. Maybe poor build quality aside on those aspects,  it’s nice to know how relatively easy it is to get it sorted.


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