New Apple iPhone 3GS announced

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I thought I may be swayed into getting the next gen iPhone  given the rumoured specifications, but alas, the upgrades are minor and very disappointing.


Still looks the same

Apple have, inevitably, upgraded the memory to 32GB – $299 on contract. You also get a bunch of other “new” features such as:

  • Video recording! Since 2003. It is VGA at 30FPS so not bad
  • 3MP camera – meh – it does however, have tap to autofocus which is nice
  • Compass
  • Other iPhone OS 3.0 upgrades, like copy and paste. -_-

From the comments in Engadget:

I name thee apple iMeh

Yesterdays meatloaf, reheated and a bit parsley on top.


But there is more to iPhone than it’s hardware. The iPhone ecosystem of apps undoubtedly makes any and every competitor jealous – some of the apps being produced lately are breathtaking – both in ingenuity and beautiful visuals. On that alone, Apple can appeal to the crowd, and thus very cleverly do not need to focus much on hardware at all.

It’s quite impressive really – deprive a handset of a feature that’s been standard for quite a few years, then release a new one, with that feature (*cough* 3G, MMS, copy and paste, video recording). Nokia does something similar, but slightly more annoying of having features you think will be standard, then removing it in the “successor”.

Via engadget


On a side note, some comments have mentioned lack of flash on the iPhone (light flash, although it also still lacks Adobe flash) – then making excuses that LED flash isn’t that good. I agree entirely that LED is not that good, which is exactly why the N97 should have had Xenon (my favourite gripe about the device). It would not have killed the battery – I can take >200 shots with flash on the N82 and still have 3 bars left, and would have made such a difference from being an average camera phone to being a decent all situation point and shoot camera. (I probably will not stop harping on about Xenon flash until Nokia brings it back to their flagship)


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  • I’ve noticed quite a number of ‘meh’ comments about the new iPhone. Frankly, I’m quite amazed that less that 1 year after launch a phone can get so many solid upgrades and still people aren’t happy! Let’s list them…

    1. Double the speed. Yes. DOUBLE the speed of the previous model.
    2. A new graphics processor.
    3. Double the RAM (256MB).
    4. Video capture with interactive auto-focus. Something that Nokia have yet to offer.
    5. On device *precision* video editing.
    6. Voice controls.
    7. Digital compass.
    8. Double the storage.
    9. 15%-30% better battery life.

    Even the most jaded would surely agree that this is pretty nice upgrade. Can you image how stunning games will look. ‘Real Racing’ already looks like an early PS2 game. Games on the GS could well resemble XBOX titles.

    In effect what Apple have done today is exactly what Nokia should have done in February 2008. A new N95, with double the RAM, double the speed, a 8 MP camera and more solid video capture. Instead we got the N96…

    • Jay

      Hey James,

      I guess a lot of the “meh” comments are due to the high expectations of the rumored specifications. Looking at it as a fresh device however, I agree that the iPhone is still a brilliant device, and nothing YET, not even the Palm Pre or the N97 is the iPhone killer in terms of the complete package.
      We’ve already seen fantastic graphics on the current iPhones – have you seen Sims 3 and several racing games on it? Just wow. Also surprising was that gameplay did not seem to suffer being completely touch screen – developers just worked a way to optimize the games to this form of input. I can’t even fathom what we should expect to see in the new breed of iPhone, but it should be very exciting.
      Speed and RAM have been overlooked, although are very important too, especially considering the big fuss about the N97’s “mediocre” processor, “minuscule” RAM and lack of dedicated graphics processor.

  • Just love the new 32gb iPhone. Ultimate gadget for me. Nice post.

  • Just love the new 32gb iPhone. Ultimate gadget for me. Nice post. Thanks.