Nokia to make Android Netbook for 2010?

| June 27, 2009 | 6 Replies

Here’s me thinking that Nokia would be too stubborn and stick with just Symbian or Linux for their netbook OS, but it seems Nokia’s venturing out and dipping their toes into Google Android (though, powered by ARM and not Intel).


netbook pic by engadget.

As a fail-safe, Nokia’s collaboration with Intel will see an alternative non-Android netbook. Although it will be a practically vertical uphill struggle, maybe Nokia can shake things up from what people expect from your standard netbook.

Linux wouldn’t be too bad of a detour. I do miss the multiple browser windows that my N800 had been capable of on Maemo (OS 2008) and its faithful rendering of desktop like internet.

1. Internet and email – check.

But what about document creation? If the browser is good enough, maybe it could just take advantage of google documents?

2. Document creation – check.

Multimedia – decent music and video playback should be standard. Please let us have one player that has all the major codecs. –

3. Multimedia – check.

Those are the three main points I’d be looking for in this sup’d up smartphone or micro netbook.

Possible extras to bring it up to something worth taking notice:

  • Extremely good battery life. Maybe 12 hours, single charge?
  • Decent CPU/GPU, and more than sufficient RAM – not just for resource intensive apps, and heavy multi tasking but perhaps even for mobile gaming?
  • Be a phone too. Voice calls, data, SMS and MMS.
  • Size wise, I want something that I could perhaps place on a desk and type with ease, but also pick it up and have a decent experience typing with the device held in my hands.
  • Similarly, (and dependent on the keyboard configuration) The screen should be at least 5″  (horizontal) – but under 10″.
  • imagesMaybe to solve the keyboard/screen size issue, the device would be two-screened and multitouch capable?
  • Or, going with the split screen – imagine a passport sized device: it opens up, the top the two halves join seamlessly in the middle to form a widescreen display, and the bottom becomes a full qwerty keyboard. Meh. Just an idea.
  • What about a slightly longer and wider (but slimmer) N97, with a 5 row keyboard (with NO Dpad), and a max of 5mm border around the screen to optimize screen size.
  • A not so daunting price. *cough*sony vaio p-series*. Max £500? – perhaps even subsidized on a carrier? Though on the high end for a notebook, it’s not just a notebook. It’s a smartphone too – so not only convenient in carrying one device instead of two but slightly justifies the higher price.

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