Video: The Phones Show – Episode 85 – James Burland on the iPhone 3GS (and Nokia Rant)

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Episode 85 of the Phones Show focuses on the new iPhone 3GS, with James Burland of NokiaCreative giving us a tour of its new features.

But before that, Steve also briefly takes a look at:

  • HTC Hero – Android Smartphone which interestingly has full adobe flash
  • New Firmware updates of recent Nokia phones, notably N97, N96 and E71
  • Ovi Maps 3.0


The star of the show is Apple’s iPhone 3GS.  I am really overwhelmed at what Apple’s been able to do with the iPhone. It is extremely impressive on the visuals and execution of these new features. Something as simple as being able to switch between video and photo at a single tap.  Nokia – why did you take that out of the N97/5800? Though it wasn’t the best interface with S60 3rd edition, at least with initial start up of the camera, the first option within one click is to switch between photo/video. Ideally though, it would be a hardware switch – so that you can immediately start in the prefered mode without having to wait to switch.

At times when my friends ask me about Nokia things and I get a little rant started, my only excuse for those shortcomings is to suggest some sort of saboteur at the helm ofcontrols, slowly passing off undoubtedly crap decisions as something good for Nokia. The blogosphere is screaming to Nokia what they should be doing. Their suggestions aren’t risky fantasies as you see those suggestions for Nokia becoming standard features amongst its competitors.


However, Steve is quick to point out (and cool my 3GS amazement) that:

  1. “there are still no background third party applications. So that means waiting for each game to start up again after each interruption. Though the extra speed does indeed help here. Also this means no background streaming radio and no background social media applications keeping track of your life.
  2. iPhone’s safari still has no Flash
  3. iPhone’s camera still doesn’t have LED flash
  4. Battery life still rather poor
  5. No user accessible file system.

All Nokia fans can do now is wait in hope that Nokia have something brilliant up their sleeves; that it’s taking them so long to put out because it will be truly mind blowing, something overwhelmingly unexpected, bringing a new breed of device(s) that symbolize Nokia’s worthiness in being the number 1 phone manufacturer in the world. Ultimate hardware, advanced yet user friendly software and streamlined services – from Nokia? Or will it forever be just a dream?

In the mean time, we’ll get these interim(a.k.a. half-assed) solutions to keep interests in Nokia devices and services (though at the same time frustrating them, tarnishing the Nokia reputation with the confusingly poor compromises being taken).

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  • Apple really have outdone themselves with the 3GS, now it’s time for Nokia pull the rabbit out the hat, so-to-speak.

    It’s hard for Nokia. I often think that people (myself included) underestimate the challenge they face. I hope that they can deliver, but I’m not too confident right now… There’s just not enough computing heritage in Nokia. By the the summer of 2011, I think it’ll be pretty obvious where Nokia’s future lies. They’ll either have hit the ball out the park with something exciting and unexpected, or they will have resigned themselves to selling more commodity phones.

    Would there be any shame is dropping Symbian for Android? Probably. But I can see it happening within the next 3 years.

    Looking on the bright side. I’m convinced that Nokia is give us an HD video capture phone early in 2010 and I reckon it will be stonkingly good!

  • llaadd

    in what way has apple outdone themselves? all they did was bring the 3GS to industry standard…well as close as they could! the only thing on the iphone which is better then expected is the fact it has a nice processor so it is fast but as the name they have given it “iPhone 3GS” where S stands for speed..that is all it is…a faster iPhone 3G