Self harming Nokia N97 lens cover: Automatic lens cover in future please?!

| July 21, 2009 | 9 Replies

An issue that has been brought up by many N97 users is how the lens cover for the N97 actually scratches the N97. So much so that it’s reached the What Mobile guys who’ve asked Nokia for a statement to explain why this is happening to the N97.

Whilst after a month of usage I fortunately haven’t experienced such scratches  – I have had a pocket lint too many trapped in the lens cover to make it almost impossible to slide open or closed. I had to get a toothpick and get the dust out so it would slide “properly” again (i.e. that little bit of a spring – gradually diminishes over time as dust increases).

The slickness of the N97’s keyboard sliding mechanism is so distant from what Nokia has implemented in the lens cover.

White-Sliding-Tile-Puzzle-1324 It’s just like one of those sliding tiles in one of those childrens’ puzzle toys. Sometimes, it’s a pain to use because of the absolute lack of friction to slide it open – forcing you to have to use a finger nail (which is even more difficult as mine are way short).


Whilst there’s not much that can be done for current N97s, maybe Nokia should consider another redesign on lens covers. Either go the Sony Ericsson Satio route and gives users a big fat obvious lens cover or discreet automatic lens covers as seen in the Samsung Pixon.

The latter option is preferable as you never have to think about sliding the lens cover open to take a picture or remembering to close the lens cover to protect the lens. It just opens when you press the shutter or open the camera app from the menu, closing itself after you’ve finished. How many times have you put your phone (with a manual lens cover) in your pocket, taking it out later to realise you’ve forgotten to close it – and then there’s dust and whatnot to clean up?

Or if you’ve using a third party applications that uses the camera/LED light and the native camera app loads up, and you’ve got to wait to close it first before you can actually use the other application you wanted? This is particularly an issue with torch/flashlight applications for the N97. Because the LED flash is hidden under the lens cover, sliding it open inadvertently loads the camera app.

As well as being easier to use as a torch, not having the LED flash under the lens cover also solves another issue; the closeness of the flash to the lens. Sometimes, in situations with poor lighting and LED flash is required, there’s always an overcast of light tainting the picture from the left side.

On the positive side – well, at least there is a sliding cover to protect the N97 lens. Shame it appears to cause more harm though that it actually prevents.

Via whatmobile


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