Nokia N900 with the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry Bold/Storm 2, LG BL-40, Nokia N97 Mini/N86/5800/E71, Palm Pre, Samsung i8910/Omnia II, Sony Ericsson Satio/Aino and Toshiba TG01

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Here are some shots of the N900 with some current high end phones. In Alphabetical Order:

  • Apple iPhone
  • BlackBerry Bold/Storm 2,
  • LG BL-40
  • Nokia N97 Mini/N86/5800/E71,
  • Palm Pre,
  • Samsung i8910/Omnia II,
  • Sony Ericsson Satio/Aino and
  • Toshiba TG01

Initially the intention was to give a jist of the size of the N900. But since I was snapping away in phone retail stores, I didn’t get appropriate angle shots so you can see how easy it is to be deceived by comparison photos unless you see them flat, centre and horizontal with comparisons of [layered] length, width and thickness. helps if you want to compare phone sizes and you’ve got their dimension. This of course ignores curves/tapering which assist in the illusion that your device is smaller than what it actually is.

Ignoring size comparisons, the photos below are still worth a look for comparing aesthetics/design.

Check out the example below

BlackBerry Storm 2-

looking much bigger than the N900

Now N900 looks larger than the Storm 2

Another example. The Palm Pre is quite small, yes?

Palm Pre

HTC Hero.

Sony Ericsson Satio

So in the following pictures, just remember that unless you haven’t seen the N900 before, they might be slightly misleading in making it look bigger than it actually is as these are taken in the angle which make the N900 seem unnaturally bigger.

New Chocolate, LG BL-40

Nokia E71

Samsung i8910

Nokia 5800

Nokia N86

N86 is small, this angle further enhances this diminutiveness

The toshiba TG01

The TG01 is huge. It looks stupidly big. The N900 can sit on it and there’d be ample toshiba to border it.  This angle makes them look pretty similar in size. They are not.

Nokia N97 Mini

Samsung Omnia II

Sony Ericsson Aino

Palm Pre

And of course, Apple iPhone. Both looking pretty similar.

Apple iPhone

The only one that’s slightly useful for size comparisons is N900 vs Blackberry Bold. (This is my mate’s Bold, snapped these just as the lecturer was walking in – but still much better to have a flat surface to take comparison shots with)

N900 Vs Blackberry Bold

Didn’t take a width comparison but Bold is wider than the N900.

- I was actually looking for a new SIM and checking if retailers knew when/if they’d be getting the N900. On the way, I took some of these snaps.

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  1. Nick says:

    Awesome work!! =D

  2. Carl says:

    Clean your screen!

  3. maximus says:

    i know the angles are misleading, so why didnt you lay all phones down for the pics?

    • Jay Montano says:

      If I could lay the phones down I would have. These were dummy phones on a retracting lead which held them at an angle.

      This was the most comfortable angle to hold them whilst being inconspicuous to the shop peeeps :) Unfortunately, I realised much too late that I had been inadvertently making the N900 much bigger than it actually is.

  4. MaemoFree says:

    Agree you really should clean screen :)

  5. fred william says:

    bom dia amigo, eu tenho um 5800, e ja procurei em todos os lugares como colocar esse icone do ovi na tela inicial, no meu celular ja esta configurado para usar a barra de contatos na tela inicial e mesmo assim nao aparece, voce poderia me ajudar.

  6. fred william says:

    good day friend, I have a 5800, and had looked everywhere and put that icon of sheep on the home screen on my phone is already configured for using the contacts on the home screen and still not appear, you could me help.

  7. fred william says:

    Good day friend! I saw some photos of the 5800XM on the internet, with some Ovi icons on the home screen. My phone is already configured to show the contact bar on the homescreen, but these icons still not appearing. Could you help me please?

  8. hamdani says:

    Nice info and blog, vitis my blog thanks….

  9. chris says:

    Hi dude i can share with you my comparison pics, i mean i dont have a blog or web page so please include my own, the comparison pics are from the n900 vs n82 black n95 8gb and nextel i9

  10. chris says:

    tell me if you want them

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