Nokia most popular phone brand amongst university students

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Financial Times reports that according to a survey by Mobile Youth consultancy, in a sample size of [only] 1000:

  • Nokia was the most popular with 30%
  • Sony Ericsson second with 27%
  • RIM is at 2% with their BlackBerry- however growth has apparently been impressive.

The article actually isn’t about Nokia but about how students are powering the growth of BlackBerry. Perception on BlackBerry is that now, they’re not just for corporate consumers. With the aide of some great marketing (love BB ads) and celeb association, it’s cool to be seen with a BlackBerry. As a Uni student, I’m surprised of the number of BB fans amongst my circle of friends. Often too, there’s random comments on my facebook feeds about mates getting excited over their new BBs or coveting one. I don’t think they really know why or what that BlackBerry does, except that BlackBerrys are supposedly cool and they want one.

Nokia’s been targetting the corporate market with its Enterprise [Eseries], and very successfully too with the likes of the E71 and now its successor, the E72.

I do wish that they’d give Eseries a proper name. Where as the range of RIM’s QWERTY critters are collectively fawned over as BlackBerrys (and accumulating great reputation as BlackBerry), Eseries are “just” Nokia [meaningless random number] which are ‘tainted’ slightly by the reputation of the cheaper-low-end-pocket-change Nokias.

Via Financial Times


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