Gallery: Nokia X6 vs N900 vs N97

| January 6, 2010 | 11 Replies

I was going to put this as part of the X6 review i’m about to write but thought i’d give it a post of it’s own!

I’v just got the Nokia X6 (just got this on Tuesday), The N900, and the N97 (Original – not mini) and thought people might want to see a hardware comparison in pictures so enjoy!



Nokia X6: 111 x 51 x 13.8 mm – 122g

Nokia N900: 110.9 x 59.8 x 19.55 mm – 181g

N97 (original): 117.2 x 55.3 x 18.25 mm – 150g


X6 review is still to come so stay tuned!


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  • Jay Montano

    Oh hey, can’t believe I missed this post. Fantastic gallery, the X6 looks so slim! (Helped by chubby N900 hahaha)

    Man, there would be a lot of love for a full on keyboardless flagship of similar (or slimmer) stature.

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  • Maximo

    N97 and X6 are great phones but N900 vith maemo 5 os is Nokia flagship at this moment. Great table of comparing specifications beetwen n900 vs n97 you can find here:

  • llaadd

    this wasn’t anything about the OS Maximo…just comparing the look and size of the phones!

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  • Sriya

    i feel x6 is better or better wait for E7.. so far x6 works like a charm bought it 2 months back.

    • llaadd

      the x6 is a nice phone, i currently use both that and the N900, but prefer the N900 because of the fact you can do a lot more with it, and it has the keyboard which make my life a hell of a lot easier then using an on screen qwerty / alphanumeric

  • http://gmail tejas

    hi how is c6 and n97 mini ……….plz any one tell about this

  • edostii

    I Think x6 is better