X6: App updates + New Apps

| January 12, 2010 | Reply
Nokia X6 - Front Powered On

Just seen a post over at NOKNOK about some application updates for the 5530, so thought i’d check my X6 out to see if there was anything for that, and there is some nice treats, see below:

  • Adobe FlashLite 3.1
  • Nokia Messaging 10.1
  • Python for S60 2.0
  • Scribble 0.2 (Allows you to draw things on your phone)
  • Shazam 2.2 (Identifies music)

Just installed them and was really excited that you get Shazam but to my disappointment it seems that Shazam is just a trial and not the full version, I don’t know why Nokia are doing this…these sort of applications should be something that are on the phone by default and free!

One thing I just realised I forgot to mention on my previous review is that the phone does come with Playlist DJ pre-installed so Nokia are doing something right!


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