News: Nokia Ovi "Big Announcement" Today!

| January 21, 2010 | 18 Replies
Ovi Maps - Download Page

Ovi Maps - Download Page

As jay earlier announce, Nokia’s big news is the FREE Ovi maps for everyone forever on Nokia devices!

Currently this is available on the following devices:

  • X6
  • N97 Mini
  • E72
  • E55
  • E52
  • 6730 Classic
  • 6710 Navigator
  • 5800 Express Music
  • 5800 Navigation Ediion
  • 5230

UPDATE 1: Jay just provided us with the following news:

Nokia N97 support is available on the 28th January 2010. A week away.

I would also expect many more to follow until they are all supported!!

UPDATE 2: I’v just discovered that the new maps are a LOT more compressed due to the way they draw the landscape and the entire collection (Europe, America, Asia, Australia, and Africa) only comes to 5.6GB which is tiny for almost the whole world!!!…i’m just loading them onto mine now and we will see how it is!

To get it just go to:

OR from your phone go to:

I have just loaded this onto my X6 (8.2mb download – Version 3.03(246)) and it looks great! Here are a few Pics, I’ll try to get more later.

You might Notice in the last image, you do get a lot of things on screen including the 3D landmarks, Point of interests, etc so Nokia have not skimped out on anything!!

What’s New:

New one-click menu

With Ovi Maps, you’re closer than ever. The new Maps menu takes one click to calculate the best way to walk or drive to your destination. You can even find your position, places, local Lonely Planet and Michelin listings, entertainment, or events nearby.


Ovi Maps - Licence

Ovi Maps - Licence

Ovi Maps - Menu

Ovi Maps - Menu

Ovi Maps - About

Ovi Maps - About

Ovi Maps - Map View

Ovi Maps - Map View


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  • dade

    Do you Know when ovi maps will be available for n97?

  • bauzl

    I really wonder why the N97 is not supported right from the start. Technically it is more or less identical to the N97 mini. (O.K., it contains more and expandable memory).
    So I wonder if the non-support of the N97 from the start is deliberatly.
    Thus I wonder whether the free ovi maps will be available for the N97 at all.
    Finally I wonder whether we N97 owners should switch to Android…

  • I’m sure it will be available soon…I think you should try to update licences on your current one and see if that does anything….I think they are just rolling it out bit by bit…as this new version of the maps is only supported on some devices that’s why it currently is only on a few!

  • I was really excited about this news until I realised it isn’t available on my N97. I tried ovi stores and updating my ovi maps licences but it still expects payment.

    This is a big shame because I’ve used the service before both walking and driving and it works great, but the price put a stop to any long term usage.

    Not having it on the N97 but on N97 mini just feels like a kick in the teeth to us who bought the phone as soon as it was out…

  • Nokia N97 support is available on the 28th January 2010. A week away.

    • thanks for letting us know m8…thought it would be something like this!

    • bauzl

      If the N97 version is available in a week, I have to apologize. Please forgive my impacience.

      • don’t worry m8…a lot of people where thinking the same thing!

  • I was excited to hear this, but sadly, it’s crashing my phone. When I run it, my phone turns off. I’ve even tried uninstalling and re-installing, but every time I run Maps, the phone just shuts off.

    • strange problem…which phone is it you are using it? also have you updated the maps, as it might not work as well with the old ones (although it did on mine, depending on which you have it may not be compatible)

      p.s. you can now download ALL available maps and it only comes to 5.6GB!!! a lot less then before!!

    • adsjc

      Hey Brian, have you changed the server in assist GPS? I found that if is set it to a google aGPS server it would crash the phone, back to the nokia server, all good.

      • adsjc, I switched back to that did it! Wow, I never would’ve guessed that. What’s up with Google’s server that it crashes it? Other stuff likethe simple GPS Position Nokia app work fine. Anyways, thanks, you saved me from formatting the phone!

  • BeBoX

    Damn , nothing for N900 :'(

    • Apparently Nokia are working on the 3.03 version for maemo so just wait…I’m sure we’ll have it soon enough!

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  • Good news on the N97 front, I look forward to finding out where I’m going…

    So are the new maps much lower resolution or do they show less roads or something?

    • neither…just the way they are encoded is different so it requires less space! No compromise that I can see!

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