Video: Hitler finds out Nokia's Ovi Maps Turn by Turn navigation is now free

| January 22, 2010 | Reply

TomTom and Garmin’s shares are taking a tumble after Nokia’s announcement that their Ovi Maps turn-by-turn navigation is now free (on selected devices). Who’s gonna need alternative and dedicated SatNav’s now when your phone can do it all for you? And especially one that works offline so you either don’t need a data plan or don’t constantly have to be connected to one.


Below is an infamous clip from the movie “Der Utergang/Downfall” where someone’s very unhappy about Nokia’s big news that consumers can get free turn-by-turn walk and drive navigation.



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  • gerrymoth

    LOL brilliant

  • llaadd


  • The Nokia Review

    Haha, love it :D

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  • Varim

    Man you are a rockstar !

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  • Topy

    Haha great work there :D

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  • Jason Black

    OK, so can I ask – who created the video? Someone from “My Nokia Blog” – or are you just repurposing this content from elsewhere? It might seem funny, but ask a Jew if he thinks it is funny – I promise you he won’t be laughing. I’m certainly not. Anyone who can provide some insight about the source behind the video – please send it to my attention. Thanks. – Jason

    • Jay Montano

      Dear Jason,

      Apologies to you and anyone offended by the video. That was never the intention.

      This is a very old internet meme, with thousands of similar parodies juxtaposed with current agendas at the time.

      or even

      The very first parody, I believe is this: Many have followed suit. This clip has been used to depict current trends, news, political issues, personal issues, possibly everything under the sun.

      e.g. Scott Brown Massachusetts seat:

      Although we should never forget that Hitler was indeed a monster, in these parodies, although the settings suggest otherwise, that is no longer Ganz’s character. Instead, he is used only as a voice of deep frustration.

      In this context, Bruno Ganz depicts Nokia’s competitors (e.g. Gans as Garmin/TomTom shareholders) and is frustrated and jealous of the news that Ovi Maps now has free Navigation as it undermines their bread and butter service. The text is kept clean focusing on positive aspects of the Ovi Maps announcement.

      If you are the same Nokia staff contentqb who also just commented:
      “Really not funny. Joking about Hitler is inappropriate, at best, and highly offensive. As a Jewish American who happens to work for Nokia, this is truly unfortunate. Now our company and their recent generous offer of free Ovi Maps will be associated with this poorly conceived idea. I’m not laughing.”

      The intention was to show that this is a remarkable move for Nokia. I think the comments in the video and twitter suggest that the majority of people have taken this in the Nokia-positive light that was intended. It shows Nokia’s Ovi services in a positive light, as a part of our culture (with online memes at least)becoming a household name.

      I suspect, as will every other parody of this theme, they will not have any permanent association with that parody, regardless whether the parody is attempting to depict an issue in a negative or positive light, the subject will keep whatever opinion it has gathered on its own.

      e.g. in the height of 5800 fame, Feb 09, there was another parody: Just like this and many other parodies, they were only ever a joke of the moment. If it is feared that Nokia’s Ovi Maps will be associated by the video in the post, it won’t be.

      Humour in these parodies is subjective. Sometimes the subject might be quite a niche one and may not be understood. At the heart of it, it’s an internet meme reflecting a current topic for a set of people.

      Apologies again for any offences caused.

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  • Istanbul

    With free navigation its a all in one phone.

    But it must be although free for older Nokia-phones