Nokia to go to S^3 in Q3 of 2010 and not bother with S^2!

| February 2, 2010 | Reply

According to Digitimes from Taiwan, Nokia are not going to skip S^2 and just go ahead and release S^3 in Quarter  3 of 2010 due to the fast paced development of the OS. Things we are to expect are include gesture and multitouch support which will be great to use on handsets like the X6 which have a capacitive screen. (I hope they make the update available for this phone!)

Michael Hsu, the general manager of Nokia Taiwan added:

The Symbian version 4 is believed to be based on the Qt cross-platform application development framework developed by Trolltech, which Nokia acquired in June 2008, said industry sources. The Qt will allow software developers to develop application software supporting Symbian and Maemo platforms simultaneously, added the sources.

Michael Hsu also added:

By 2011, smartphones based on the Symbian S60-platform will account for 55% of Nokia’s total handset shipments, followed by Symbian S40 feature phones at 35% and Maemo-based devices at 10%, according to sources who are familiar with Nokia’s product roadmap.

With these bold predictions, all rumours of Nokia dropping Symbian should be put to rest as that would truly be the worst decision ever.

Now just to see what the Symbian countdown is all about!


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