Video: MeeGo – QT based UI running on AAVA's Moblin 2.1 Smartphone – What is MeeGo and Moblin?

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Some MeeGo and Moblin videos for you. About MeeGo

  • MeeGo is the merger of “the best of Maemo” with “the best of Moblin”
  • MeeGo – Qt App development means cross platform (and cross device) compatibility with Symbian (and other OS?). Move from one device to another and still use the same app.
  • MeeGo was built for powerful next gen devices from the ground up (instead of Phone to Desktop or desktop to phone)
  • Maemo 6 Harmattan phone will still be Maemo 6 harmattan phone just called MeeGo
  • Maemo 7 will be the first real MeeGo OS from the ground up with content from Moblin.
  • Maemo 6 is compatible with MeeGo so whatever device has Maemo 6 can get supported MeeGo
  • Apps developed on Maemo 6 will be MeeGo compliant
  • N900 is compatible with Maemo 6/MeeGo but unsure whether it will be officially supported on Nokia’s end?
  • N900 has Qt package and you can build on top of Qt – bringing Qt/MeeGo apps to N900
  • Intel partnership opens up MeeGo OS to more industry players and developers and deepens the pocket for next gen Mobile OS development.
  • Maemo brings full fledged mobile OS to MeeGo, Moblin brings x86 support, build infrastructure, developer tools, partners with various software vendors
  • MeeGo hopefully brings both OS to mainstream users, Joe and Jane Average.
  • MeeGo is about continuous connectivity and internet anywhere. To succeed, MeeGo and Linux believes this requires a single OS when transitioning from a variety of devices; be it smartphone, tablet, netbook, navigation device

– From what I gather at least anyway. It’s all rather very confusing the more I delve into the technical side behind it so I’ll leave it there. But do check out the links below for more info.

and of course,

MeeGo – QT based UI running on AAVA’s Moblin 2.1 Smartphone


Moblin and Maemo are two very similar Linux based platforms trying to push the whole “Mobile Computers in your Pocket” angle.

As a Nokia fan you’re probably already pretty aware of Maemo, how it works, how it looks, how it performs.

But what do we know of Moblin? (First incidence I heard of Moblin was when MeeGo was announced :S)

Moblin –

first saw the light of day on netbooks


here’s Moblin on a EeePC


Moblin v2.1 on a Netbook


Moblin 2.1 for handhelds. Demo video


Intel Moorestown Smartphone Running Moblin


Ari Jaaksi on MeeGo



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