Video: N900 Multitouch Pinch and Zoom 'Hack'. Ctrl+Shift+K* If N900 had iPhone Multitouch Pinch and Zoom. (*idding)!

| March 1, 2010 | 14 Replies

Whilst looking for a stray .pdf document for my dissertation, I found this old video I did a couple months just messing about with Vegas.

This wasn’t ever meant to be published but I thought it might be interesting to share and anticipate the multitouch pinch and zoom goodness that Nokia are promising us with BOTH Symbian^3 and MeeGo (Maemo 6/Moblin mix)

This was just a quick first try so it doesn’t look that convincing. I was gonna do another but never got around to it (i.e. more responsive, larger zoom range with smaller movement, removal of screen artifacts)


The last time I joked about multitouch on a Nokia was with the N95 back in 07. It didn’t even have a touch screen but it went viral within a few hours of upload. (BTW, that was just a bluetooth keyboard)


So, are you looking forward to multitouch? Do you think you will need it?

For me, the answer is yes on both points.

  • Multitouch isn’t just about pinch and zoom, though in browser mode, it does help a big deal in making more accurate clicks.
  • Multitouch is beneficial for an OS designed for two hands.
  • Multiple keypresses would assist in virtual keyboard messaging, as well as a whole host of apps and games that could offer new functionality/screen manipulation/gestures from pressing multiple points on the screen.

Some interesting things might be on the horizon with Nokia and touch screen. Though multitouch is inevitable, Nokia users might even get 3D multitouch (3rd dimension is pressure – not in the resistive sense) possibly with haptikos tactile feedback (where bits of the screen actually rises so you can feel actual buttons!).


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