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That's actually Antii

A few weeks back, Joel from WOMWorld asked me for some questions:

The guys behind the Nokia Original Accessories range are shooting a video next week to showcase the design methodology behind the next range of Nokia Original Accessories. The video, which features head designer Antti Kujala, will be filmed in an unusual location… on Finland?s frozen sea!
We are giving a few bloggers the opportunity to ask Antti a question to which you’d receive a personalised response from the man himself…

Yesterday he sent over links to a couple of videos as an exclusive early show but  unfortunately, I only just looked at them now as I’ve been snowed in with coursework. 🙁

Here’s my question from the email (it’s separated into two questions in the video – I’m wordy like that…:o)

“What’s are the paths in creating form and function – how do you strike a balance between beautiful yet practical designs?”

I’m just interested in seeing accessories that look really great, but without skimping on functionality. And Vice Versa.

i.e. how can they make sure that when making a really great and funtional device, that it isn’t completely odd looking. <<This line’s not supposed to be in the official question so don’t worry about them ‘censoring’ that line. I just put it to explain what I meant.

How cool is this, but we get a personalized video with two other blogger questions from Suju Krishnan and Kyle Smith on the Nokia Conversations Channel!

Even if it wasn’t asked in person, it was nice to get some answers direct from Nokia and learn a little bit more about how they tick. Just the other day we had a Q&A with WOM And the Nokia Managers behind the C3, C6 and E5. Really cool to get the answers directly from the Nokia guys. Simple Human Solutions 🙂


What’s are the paths in creating form and function

Before Nokia puts anything to paper, they think about who the consumer is going to be. What’s the real purpose for the product? How are people using it, how will it bring them delight? After that we want to create the most beautiful product for them.

how do you strike a balance between beautiful yet practical designs?
I’m just interested in seeing accessories that look really great, but without skimping on functionality

I believe that designs are more than just the looks of the products, I think the design can also improve the usability of the product. How it connects, how it operates, how the design communicates. Making it more delightful for people

Check out the Simple Humans Solutions video below showing some upcoming and current accessories from Nokia.


So now, when I mentioned “without making them  completely odd looking”, is it me or does  the speaker accessory look like a toilet air freshener? I’m just saying. I Kinda like those sporty bluetooth headphones too -  and that little BT headset (what is that? I’m not too familiar with my accessories line up). I had a samsung headset like that and lost it as it was so tiny.

BH-214, love that accessory. Turns anything to bluetooth audio. Be it your own 3.5mm headphones or even your speaker system. Control it all from the accessory or from your phone.

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