Nokia Flagship to be introduced later this year!

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When the N8 was leaked and announced, whilst crushing others in certain departments, it also lagged behind in several others leaving those disappointed.

The reason behind much of this was  the disproportionate expectations that the N8 was Nokia’s 2010 flagship. That the N8 was the best Nokia could muster up.

It is not.

Today, OPK announced that THIS YEAR Nokia will INTRODUCE a NEW GENERATION OF DEVICES to CLOSE THE GAP with the competition in HIGH END SMARTPHONES.

Note – several high end devices. Could one of these be the Nokia flagship we’ve all been desperate for?

One that deserves the flagship title?

The one that is ahead of the pack, the best of the best, the handset that makes no compromises to be at the top?

I don’t like the notion of “closing the gap”. Nokia shouldn’t just be catching up but trying to leapfrog ahead of the pack. Closing the gap suggests a gap still exists.

Another thing to note: High end smartphone = Symbian, whilst Mobile computer = Meego. Another Symbian is pretty much certain, (that fabled N98/E7). But will we see Nokia’s MeeGo Intel love-child this side of 2010? N9? Or the first of the new “Sseries”?

This year, Nokia is planning to introduce a new generation of devices that is expected to help close the gap with the competition in high-end smartphones, Kallasvuo said.

“Our approach has been to concentrate on fewer, competitive products that bring the features of Symbian-based smartphones to more and more people around the world. And we are well on our way to doing that.”

In addition, Nokia is continuously improving the experience and value of Ovi services that are tightly integrated with its devices, creating reasons for people to start using them and to come back again and again.

Kallasvuo expressed optimism about the MeeGo software platform, which will be used for Nokia’s next mobile computer.

We are working hard to reclaim leadership in high-end smartphones and mobile computers.” he said.  “It is critical that we improve the customer experience with the usability of both our devices and our services.”

Nokia Press Release



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